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Media Gateways & Converters

Media Gateways & Converters

Reliable Devices to Extend your Network

When two pieces of your network don’t fit together, a simple media converter is an easy and affordable way to solve the problem. Antaira Technologies produces media converters for every need. They join copper networks and fiber networks in just about any configuration imaginable. They also cover all of the major connection types, such as 10/100/1000TX Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, RJ45, RJ11, VDSL, WDM, and single- and multi-mode fiber. They are designed for easy deployment, management, and upkeep, so you may extend your network capacity with a small investment of labor. They are also designed for standard storage ranging from 19” rack mount cards to stand-alone devices.

On top of that, they have a range of features and options that allow you to match your exact needs. These include Power over Ethernet (PoE), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), power redundancy, network monitoring, and network redundancy. Backed by the Antaira name, they are professional-grade converters with the network reliability and durability you need for data-intense or harsh working environments.


Protocol Media Converters for Ethernet Connections

When you need to connect two networking protocols, adapt a physical connector to another type, or interconnect a fiber-optic network to an existing copper one, an industrial media converter is the way to go. These simple devices convert Fast (10/100TX) or Gigabit (10/100/1000TX) Ethernet with an RJ45 connector to various fiber optic interfaces, including single-strand WDM-A and WDM-B. The IMC-C1000, for example, offers fiber optic ports in a 2 km multimode or 10 km, 40 km, and 60 km singlemode. Select either SC or ST connections. Choose from two form factors: a 1-port in-line device or a larger 19” rack mount system. The rackmount system, FCU-RACK16, accommodates plug-in media converter cards. It’s ideal for high port counts. Easy to install and configure, our selection of managed media converters offers a solution for nearly every Ethernet conversion need.

Managed Media Converters

A host of managed converters provides meticulous network management through easily navigated controls. A managed media converter with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) may be configured, managed, and monitored by a network administrator. Our SNMP-enabled media converters include standard features like web management, port configuration, traffic statistics, Q-in-Q double tag, jumbo frames, flow control, trap management, alarms, VLAN, remote login, and more. Antaira Technologies' FCN-3112SC is a great example of a compact SNMP fiber converter. It uses a standard SC connector and RJ45 Ethernet port. Flow control, link alarm, loopback test, bandwidth control, DHCP client, and a number of other features give it the full range of network control and reliability that make it a great fit in most fiber networks. It meets the appropriate IEEE standards and is FCC emissions-compliant.

The IMC-C1000-SFP is another fiber converter from Antaira that works with SFP connections. This larger device is designed for abusive environments, with an extended operating temperature, 6,000 VDC ESD protections, and DIN mounting to handle severe vibrations. It’s packed with network reliability and redundancy tools, and it comes backed with a 5-year warranty.

Unmanaged Converters

When you don’t need network management on your converters and prefer faster deployment, Antaira has a number of unmanaged converters that cover the same spectrum of data types and connectors. The IMP-C100 is a Power over Ethernet PoE converter that connects Fast Ethernet (10/100TX) devices to multi- or singlemode fiber, and it offers the convenience of Ethernet power. With an SC connector, it is rated for 2 km distances over a multimode fiber line. Singlemode alternatives support lines up to 30 km. Like the other industrial-rated devices, this media converter operates in temperatures from -10° to 70°C or in an extended temperature range of -40° to 80°C (optional). It is also supported by a 5-year warranty and includes Antaira’s standard shock and vibration protection.

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There is a media converter available for every job, no matter how specialized or generic. Contact us today. At Westward Sales, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our representatives, and you’ll be impressed with their knowledge. They can help you analyze just what your system needs and assist you in selecting the perfect set of devices to optimize performance and cost.

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*** DISCONTINUED ***  This 2 Ports RS-232 PCI Express Card is discontinued. It's avai..
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