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Industrial Touch Displays

Industrial Touch Displays

Highly Capable, Durable Touchscreen Displays Built for Industrial Environments

Industrial touch displays are engineered to work where traditional ones can't. They feature design innovations like IP65, NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 compliant front bezels; extreme temperature performance; vibration resistance; and humidity protection.  This allows them to operate in harsh, unforgiving environments common in industrial workplaces. Industrial monitors are easy to install anywhere your operation needs them.  They are self-contained, space-efficient devices with a built-in touchscreen interface, eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse.  Select from a wide range of display sizes (8.4” to 21.5”), user-input, AC or DC power, and form-factor (open frame or enclosed) to fit your project needs.  They are ideal for computing systems that monitor operations, handle manufacturing automation, control machinery, SCADA and run large-screen informational formats.


Products from Axiomtek bring highly capable displays to automation and factory locations.  They resist heat from machinery, cool air from refrigeration, humidity from the manufacturing process, and debris in the air.  They offer high-bright TFT LCD screens and support multiple video interfaces including VGA, S-Video, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort.  Most offer a choice of AC or 12V / 24V DC power input and feature and screw down power terminal block for an extra secure connection.

Extreme Temperature and Humidity Durability

Axiomtek’s wide-range of industrial monitors are engineered to withstand extremely cold and hot temperatures. For example, the P6105 Railway Touch Display is built with train and railroad applications in mind.  This fan-less monitor is designed to compensate for the lack of climate control found in rolling stock and outdoor train stations.  It is EN50155 certified and operates in temperatures as low as -25°C and as high as 55°C.  It performs during the scorching conditions of a heat wave or the freezing conditions of an intense winter storm.

Touchscreen Types

Industrial displays use different types of touchscreens for different implementations. The high-definition P6103W features a projected capacitive multi-touch screen which is ideal for a system that is used frequently and requires precision input. Resistive touch screens, like the one found on the P6121, have the advantage of being able to register touch-input through gloves. Which is easier to use depends on the job.  Widescreen, high-definition models with touch are available for intense graphics and detailed SCADA implementations.

Slim and Lightweight Designs

Industrial monitors are often tasked with work in places where space is a premium. Slim and lightweight designs streamline the installation process.  They may be panel or wall mounted or attached to a VESA arm. For example, the P6101 weighs just 1.42 kg and is a mere 53 mm thick. These displays install securely and are stable under unexpected conditions.

Devices that Raise Expectations Instead of Forcing Compromises

Whether your operation needs an industrial display to withstand freezing work conditions or handle basic machine operations, Westward Sales has the right device for the job from trusted brands like Axiomtek. Tap in to our knowledge and experience by contacting our representatives today to learn more.

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