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KVM Extenders

KVM Extenders

Control and Manage Remote Computers with a KVM Extender

Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Extenders allow users to extend their keyboard, video, and mouse signals to remote locations. They are commonly used in server rooms, data centers, and other IT settings where multiple computers need to be managed remotely from a single console. KVM Extenders offer a cost-effective and convenient way to manage systems without moving between them physically.

Types of KVM Extenders

Several types of KVM Extenders are available, including wired and wireless models. Wired KVM Extenders use a physical cable to connect the local and remote units, while wireless models use radio waves to transmit signals. The choice of KVM Extender will depend on the user's specific needs, including the distance between the local and remote units, the number of computers to be managed, and the available budget.


Benefits of KVM Extenders

KVM Extenders have several benefits that make them popular among IT professionals and network engineers.

  • They offer the flexibility to manage several computers or servers from a single location, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • They reduce clutter and cable management issues by allowing users to keep their computers in a centralized location.
  • They help extend the life of computers by reducing wear and tear caused by physical movement and handling.

KVM Extender Features

When choosing the best KVM Extender for your application, several factors must be considered. These include the range of the device, the video quality supported, and the compatibility with different operating systems. Extenders support standard video interfaces like DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA, and USB and broadcast these signals over Ethernet or fiber cables from a few hundred feet to kilometers. An extender kit comes with two devices, a receiver and transmitter, one located at the remote computer and the other at the console. Kits support from one to several computers.

The ACS4201A-R2, for example, supports computers with dual video ports to connect up to two monitors to the computer on the transmitting end of the link and two DVI-D monitors at the receiving KVM console. Now you can view two applications on each monitor,  eliminating tedious switching between them. Or you can expand many small windows across both monitors to provide more workspace.

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KVM Extenders are essential devices for IT administrators managing servers and computers remotely. Whether you need a wired or wireless model, many options are available to suit your needs. So don't wait any longer to streamline your network management – contact Westward Sales today and take the first step towards greater efficiency and productivity!

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Black Box ACU5700A KVM Extender, DVI-D, USB 2.0, RS232, Audio, CATxExtend DVI-D, USB 2.0, RS232 ..
Black Box ACU5800A DisplayPort Extender, Single-Access, CATx CablesThe Black Box ACU58..
Black Box ACU6001A CATx KVM Extender, Single-Head VGA, USB-HID, Dual-AccessUse ServSwitch A..
Black Box ACU6201A Catx USB KVM Extender, Dual VGA, Dual-AccessUse the ACU6201A KVM Extender to ..
Black Box ACX1R-11-C Compact Extender Twisted-Pair Receiver, DVI-D, 2 USB HID, CATxIncrease the ..
Black Box ACX1T-11-C Compact Extender Twisted-Pair Transmitter, DVI-D, 2 USB HID, CATxIncrease t..
Black Box EMD2000PE-R-P KVM-over-IP Extender Receiver, Audio, Dual Network Ports RJ45 & SFPT..
Black Box EMD2000PE-T-R2 KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter, Dual Network Ports RJ45 & SFPThe ..
Black Box EMD2000SE-DP-T KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter, DisplayPort, USB 2.0, AudioThe produc..
Black Box EMD2000SE-R KVM-over-IP Extender Receiver, DVI-D, USB 2.0, AudioThis Emerald® SE EMD20..
Black Box EMD2002PE-DP-T Emerald PE Dual Head HD DisplayPort TransmitterThe EMD2002PE-DP-T is pa..
Black Box EMD2002PE-T-R2 KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter, Dual Network Ports RJ45 & SFPThe ..
Black Box EMD2002SE-DP-T KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter,  , USB 2.0, AudioThe EMD200..
Black Box EMD2002SE-R KVM-over-IP Extender Receiver, DVI-D, USB 2.0, AudioThis Emerald® SE&..
Black Box EMD4000-KIT 4K60 DisplayPort KVM-over-IP Transmitter & Receiver, Transparent USBGe..
Black Box EMD4000R 4K DisplayPort KVM-over-IP Extender Receiver, V-USB 2.0, AudioThe EMD400..
Black Box EMD4000T 4K DisplayPort KVM-over-IP Extender Transmitter, V-USB 2.0, AudioThe EMD4000T..
Black Box ICU504A USB Extender Over CAT6A and CAT7, 4-Port, Backward CompatibleExtend all your U..
Black Box ICU544A USB Extender Over Fiber, 4-Port, Backward CompatibleThe ICU544A enables users ..
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Black Box KVXLCDPF-200 KVM Extender Kit Over Fiber, Supports 4K Video & RS-232 DevicesThe KV..
Black Box KVXLCF-200-R2 DVI-I Dual Head KVM Extender, Audio, Serial, Local Video Out, SFP PortTh..
Black Box KVXLCH-100 4K HDMI DisplayPort, Single-Head KVM CATx Extender KitThe KVXLCH-100 K..
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