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GPS Antennas

GPS Antennas

Outdoor and Industrial Antennas for GPS / GLONASS

Not all networking tasks are the same.  Some exist on a scale that dwarfs the rest. Mobile operations, fleet management, and similarly large fields of work need communication that outranges traditional means. For these jobs, GPS antennas are the go-to way to keep everything synchronized and working correctly. Naturally, GPS needs are often paired with LTE or similar wireless technologies, making the overall demand difficult to meet. For those challenges, Parsec and Taoglas have a group of antennas that can do it all.

Combination Antennas

It’s rare that you’ll need a GPS antenna that doesn’t multitask. The Parsec Husky PTA-PRO acknowledges that need and turns the dial up to 9, 11, or 13. That’s the number of available, customizable antennas packed into a single dome.  It’s an antenna designed to quarterback virtually any effort you can imagine. It communicates flawlessly with every standard North American band, and it is outdoor rated. That is a powerful antenna with the versatility to manage fleets, remote surveillance, mobile broadcasting and any other extensive operation.


Dome Configurations

When you don’t need a monster like the Husky, but you still need a robust antenna, the Taoglas Colosseum MA850 is an obvious choice. The small but adaptable 5-in-1 design is an omnidirectional workhorse that provides GPS, MIMO WIFI and MIMO LTE on multiple bands. The IP67 casing is impervious to outdoor threats, and the permanent mounting enables you to install the array and promptly ignore it for ages. It’s a powerful tool that you can expect to work for extended periods in challenging situations.

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Finding the right GPS antennas is an excellent way to improve your network and its capacity, but there will always be more. Our experts are primed and ready to help you with today’s challenges while preparing you for tomorrow. Chat with us today, and we’ll help you find anything and everything your network needs.

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