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GPS Antennas

GPS Antennas

Outdoor and Industrial Antennas for GPS / GLONASS

Not all networking tasks are the same. Some exist on a scale that dwarfs the rest. Mobile operations, fleet management, and similarly large fields of work need communication that outranges traditional means. For these jobs, GPS antennas are the go-to way to keep everything synchronized and working correctly. Naturally, GPS needs are often paired with LTE or similar wireless technologies, making the overall demand difficult to meet. For those challenges, Mobile Mark, Parsec, Panorama, and Taoglas have a group of antennas that can do it all.

Single and Combination Antennas

A simple but rugged GPS antenna, like the GPSME with a magnetic mounting base, is a convenient way to add location and tracking to a vehicle. It fits most industrial routers, too. However, you’ll rarely need a GPS antenna that doesn’t multitask. The Parsec Husky PTA-PRO acknowledges that need and turns the dial up to 9, 11, or 13.


That’s the number of available, customizable antennas packed into a single dome. It’s an antenna designed to quarterback virtually any effort you can imagine. It communicates flawlessly with every standard North American band, and it is outdoor rated. That is a powerful antenna with the versatility to manage fleets, remote surveillance, mobile broadcasting, and any other extensive operation.

Dome Configurations

When you don’t need a monster like the Husky, but you still need a robust antenna, the Taoglas Colosseum MA850 is an obvious choice. The small but adaptable 5-in-1 design is an omnidirectional workhorse that provides GPS, MIMO WIFI, and MIMO LTE on multiple bands. The IP67 casing is impervious to outdoor threats, and the permanent mounting enables you to install the array and promptly ignore it for ages. It’s a powerful tool that you can expect to work for extended periods in challenging situations.

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Finding the right GPS antennas is an excellent way to improve your network and its capacity, but there will always be more. Our experts are primed and ready to help you with today’s challenges while preparing you for tomorrow. Chat with us today, and we’ll help you find anything and everything your network needs.

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Taoglas MA952 (Guardian) Low Profile Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE & GNSS, Covers LTE Band 71The..
Parsec PRO9H4L4WG Husky Series 9:1 Multi-Antenna with 4 MIMO 5G LTE, 4 WiFi, and GPSThe Husky PR..
Parsec PRO9H4L4WG-MG Husky Marine Grade 9:1 Multi-Antenna, 4 MIMO 5G LTE, 4 WiFi, & GPSThe m..
Taoglas MA1508 (Synergy) 8-in-1 Combination Antenna with 5m Braided Cable Assembly, IP67 RatedTh..
Taoglas MA350 (Steedan) 5-in-1 Low Profile Combination Antenna with Active GNSS, IP65 RatedThe T..
Taoglas MA710 3-in-1 Omnidirectional Antenna for 5G Bands and GPS/GLONASS/Galileo BandsThe Taogl..
Panorama DWMM4G-6-60 5-in-1 Omnidirectional Antenna, 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G LTE & GPSThe DWMM4G-6-60..
Taoglas A.01 (Hercules) GPS/Galileo Heavy Duty Permanent Mount Antenna, Two Stage 30dBThe Taogla..
Taoglas A.03 (Hercules) GPS/Galileo Heavy Duty Permanent Mount Antenna, Three Stage 40dBThe Taog..
Taoglas A.30 (Ultima) Permanent Mount GPS/Glonass/Galileo Antenna, Marine ApplicationsThe Taogla..
Taoglas A.40 Heavy Duty Permanent Mount Antenna with GPS/Glonass/Galileo, CNC MachinedThe Taogla..
Taoglas A.41 (Hercules) Heavy Duty Antenna with GPS/Glonass/Galileo/BeiDou, Two Stage 28dBT..
Taoglas A.60 Direct Mount Miniature External GPS L1 Timing Antenna, High-RejectionsThe Taoglas A..
Taoglas A.90 (Bolt) High Rejection GNSS Permanent Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas A.90 (Bol..
Taoglas A.93 (Bolt) GPS/Glonass/Beidou Timing Antenna with Integrated Lightning Surge Protection..
Taoglas AA.105 (Titan) Magnetic Mount GPS/Galileo Antenna for Fleet ManagementThe AA.105 (Titan)..
Taoglas AA.106 (Titan) AA.106 GPS Adhesive Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas AA.106 (Titan) e..
Taoglas AA.107 (Stingray) AA.107 GPS Adhesive Mount Patch Antenna, High GainThe Taoglas AA.107 (..
Taoglas AA.108 Adhesive Mount GPS/Galileo Antenna for Fleet ManagementThe AA.108 (Titan) adhesiv..
Taoglas AA.162 (Ulysses) Mini Magnetic Mount GPS/Glonass Antenna, IP67 RatedAt just 10mm in heig..
Taoglas AA.166 (Ulysses) Miniature Magnetic Mount GPS/Glonass/Galileo AntennaThe AA.166 (Ulysses..
Taoglas AA.170 (MagmaX) GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna for Vehicles, External Use, IP67 RatedThe AA...
Taoglas AA.171 (MagmaX) Dual Pin Patch Antenna, GPS/Glonass/Galileo/BeiDou, Low Axial RatioThe T..
Taoglas AA.175 (Magma X) GPS L1/L2 & Glonass External Magnetic Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedThe ..
Taoglas AA.178 (Magma X) Magnetic Mount GPS L1/L5 External Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas AA.178..
Taoglas AA.180 Magnetic Mount GNSS Patch Antenna, Low Axial Ratio Dual-Pin, IP67 RatedThe Taogla..
Taoglas AA.200 (MagmaX2) Active Multiband GNSS Magnetic Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas AA...
Taoglas AQHA.11 Active High Precision GNSS Quadrifilar Helix AntennaThe Taoglas AQHA.11 is an RT..
Taoglas GA.110 Wide Band, High Gain Magnetic Whip AntennaThe GA.110 magnetic ultra-wideband cell..
Taoglas GSA.8841 I-Bar Style Wideband 4G LTE Antenna (698-6000 MHz)The GSA.8841 LTE Wideband I-B..
Taoglas GSA.8842 Wideband Adhesive Mount Antenna (5G/4G, GPS, WiFi)The GSA.8842 Ultra-wideband d..
Taoglas IAA.01 External Magnetic Mount Iridium Antenna (GPS 1616 - 1626.5 MHz)The IAA.01 is a hi..
Taoglas IMA.01 External Iridium Wall Mount Marine AntennaThe IMA.01 Iridium Marine antenna ..
Taoglas MA104 (Hercules) 2:1 GPS/Galileo & Penta-Band Permanent Mount Antenna, IP65 RatedThe..
Taoglas MA1044 4-in-1 Permanent Mount Sharkfin Antenna with GNSS, WiFi, AM/FM, and SiriusXMThe T..
Taoglas MA1045 5-in-1 Supercombo (2 GPS, LTE, AM/FM & SiriusXM) Vehicle Mount AntennaThe MA1..
Taoglas MA106 (Hercules) 2-in1 GPS/Glonass/Galileo & 3G/2G Permanent Mount AntennaThe Taogla..
Taoglas MA1060 4-in-1 Sharkfin Antenna with LTE, GNSS, Dual-band WiFi & AM/FM, IP67 RatedThe..
Taoglas MA111 (Ultima) 2:1 GPS/Glonass/Galileo & 3G/2G Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas MA111 ..
Taoglas MA1130 (Raptor II) 6:1 Dual Fin Antenna with GNSS, LTE MIMO, WiFi MIMO & AM/FMThe MA..
Taoglas MA114 2-in-1 Small Form Factor Permanent Mount Antenna, 5G/4G and GNSSThe Taoglas MA114,..
Taoglas MA1270 (Raptor III) Antenna with GNSS, 5G/4G MIMO, WiFi MIMO, TETRA and AM/FMThe Taoglas..
Taoglas MA1280 (Raptor III) 7:1 Combination Sharkfin Style Antenna for Public Safety Applications ..
Taoglas MA130 2:1 GPS/Glonass/Galileo & 868 MHz ISM Band Antenna with Permanent MountThe Tao..
Taoglas MA131 (Hercules) 2-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna with GNSS & ISM 915 MHzThe Taoglas M..
Taoglas MA140 (Olympian) 2-in-1 4G LTE External Permanent Mount Antenna, 698 - 3600 MHZThe Taogl..
Taoglas MA145 (Olympian II) 3-in-1 GNSS, 5G/4G, & WiFi Permanent Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedTh..
Taoglas MA1505 (Synergy) 5-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas MA1505 ..
Taoglas MA1506 (Synergy) 6:1 Permanent Mount Combo Antenna with 5m Braided Cable AssemblyThe Tao..
Taoglas MA1509.AK.001 (Synergy) Combo Antenna (5x5 5G/4G MIMO, 3x3 WiFi MIMO, & GNSS)The Tao..
Taoglas MA1509.AK.005 (Synergy) 9-in-1 Antenna with 5G 4x4 MIMO LTE, 4x4 MIMO WiFi and GPSThe Ta..
Taoglas MA1509.AK.012 9:1 Antenna with 5G 4x4 MIMO LTE, 4x4 MIMO WiFi, & GPS (FAKRA)The Taog..
Taoglas MA1511 (Synergy) 11:1 Antenna for Vehicle Applications, 3m Braided Cable Assembly, IP67..
Taoglas MA172 (Monsoon) 3:1 Combination Screw Mount Antenna (LTE, Dual-Band WiFi, GNSS)The Taogl..
Taoglas MA173 (Monsoon) 3-in-1 5G/4G LTE MIMO & GNSS Low Profile Permanent Mount AntennaThe ..
Taoglas MA204 (Stingray) 2-in-1 Combination Cellular and GPS Antenna with Adhesive MountThe Taog..
Taoglas MA206 (Stingray) 2-in-1 GPS and WiFi Combination Adhesive Mount AntennaThe Taoglas MA206..
Taoglas MA208 (Stream) 2:1 GPS/Galileo & LTE Adhesive Antenna, Choice of ConnectorsThe Taogl..
Taoglas MA220 (Optimus) 2-in-1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with GPS and LTE (698-2690 MHz)The Taoglas..
Taoglas MA230 Adhesive Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS, LTE (698-2170 MHz), and WiFiThe Taog..
Taoglas MA231 Adhesive Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS, LTE (698-2700 MHz), and WiFiThe Taog..
Taoglas MA233 (Stream) 3-in-1 Adhesive Antenna with GNSS, LTE (698-2700 MHz), and WiFiThe Taogla..
Taoglas MA2330 3-in-1 Covert GPS, WiFi & AM/FM Headliner Adhesive Antenna with FAKRA Connectors ..
Taoglas MA240 (Genesis) 3-in-1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with 4G/3G/2G MIMO LTE and GNSSThe Taoglas..
Taoglas MA244 4-in-1 Antenna for High Temperatures (+85°C) with GPS, LTE MIMO, & WiFiThe Tao..
Taoglas MA250 (Sentinel) 3-in-1 Combination Adhesive Mount Antenna with 4G MIMO LTE and GNSSThe ..
Taoglas MA256 3-in-1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with GNSS and 4G LTE MIMO (600-3000 MHz)The Taoglas ..
Taoglas MA275 5-in-1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with GNSS, LTE MIMO (698-3500 MHz) & WiFi ..
Taoglas MA284 4-in-1 Adhesive Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS, LTE MIMO & WiFiThe T..
Taoglas MA285 5:1 Combination Antenna with GNSS, LTE MIMO (698-3800 MHz) & WiFi MIMOThe Taog..
Taoglas MA303 2-in-1 Saucer Style Antenna with GPS & 2G/3G Cellular for Remote MonitoringThe..
Taoglas MA310 (Tycho) 2:1 Magnetic Mount Antenna with GPS/Glonass and 4G LTE (689-2700 MHz)The T..
Taoglas MA352 3:1 Magnetic Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS &5G/4G MIMO (600-6000 MHz)The..
Taoglas MA353 3-in-1 Combination Antenna with Magnetic Mount (5G/4G LTE, WiFi 6, & GNSS) ..
Taoglas MA411 (Storm) 3-in-1 Screw Mount Antenna with GNSS & LTE MIMOThe Taoglas MA411 (Stor..
Taoglas MA450 (Storm) 5:1 Aerodynamic Combination Antenna with Vandal Resistant Housing, IP67The..
Taoglas MA460 4:1 Permanent Mount Antenna (LTE MIMO, WiFi, GPS/Glonass/Galileo/BeiDou)The Taogla..
Taoglas MA501 (Hercules) 2-in-1 Permanent Mount GPS/Galileo & WiFi/ISM/Zigbee AntennaThe Tao..
Taoglas MA600.A.ABC.006 3-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna (GPS, LTE & WiFi), SMA (M)The Taoglas..
Taoglas MA600.A.ABC.007 3-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna (GPS, LTE & WiFi), SMA/RP-SMA (M)The ..
Taoglas MA602 (Spartan) 3:1 Antenna with GPS, Cellular (824-2170 MHz) & Iridium (1616-1627 MHz) ..
Taoglas MA603 (Spartan) 3-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna (GPS, Cellular & 915 MHz Band)The Tao..
Taoglas MA605 (Spartan) 3-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna with GPS/Glonass/Galileo, 3G/2G & WiFi ..
Taoglas MA650 2-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna (GPS/Glonass/Galileo & 3G/2G) with 10M of Cable..
Taoglas MA700 (Pantheon) 3-in-1 Combination Permanent Mount Antenna (GNSS, 5G LTE, WiFi)The Taog..
Taoglas MA705 3:1 Permanent Mount Antenna with 4G LTE, WiFi, & GNSS. Isolation GasketThe MA7..
Taoglas MA750 5:1 Permanent Mount Omnidirectional Antenna - 5G/4G MIMO, WiFi MIMO, & GNSSThe..
Taoglas MA752 (Pantheon) 5-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna, Omnidirectional and IP67 WaterproofThe ..
Taoglas MA760 (Pantheon) 4-in-1 Permanent Mount Omnidirectional Antenna, IP67 RatedThe Taoglas M..
Taoglas MA931.A.LBICGH.001 6:1 Antenna (LTE MIMO, 3x3 WiFi MIMO, GPS), Wall/Adhesive MountThe Ta..
Taoglas MA9908 (GuardianX) 8:1 Heavy Duty 5G/4G, WiFi, GNSS Antenna for M2M ApplicationsThe Taog..
Taoglas MA9909.A.002 (GuardianX) 9-in-1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with 8x8 5G/4G MIMO & GNSSThe..
Taoglas MA9909.A.002.WM (GuardianX) 9-in-1 Wall Mount Antenna with 8x8 5G/4G MIMO & GNSSThe ..
Taoglas MA9909.W.A.002 (Guardian X) 9:1 Adhesive Mount Antenna with 8x8 5G/4G MIMO & GNSSThe..
Taoglas MA9914 (GuardianX) 14-in-1 Adhesive Combination Antenna, Operates at Band 71The Taoglas ..
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