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Next Generation Industrial Antenna Solutions

Antennas are the heart and soul of wireless communication. You know you can’t communicate without them; yet, many standard antennas prove lacking. Harsh conditions, long ranges and the countless challenges of installing wireless networks in outdoor locations will quickly expose the limits of any antenna. When you need something robust and powerful, the technologies made by companies like InHand Networks, Parsec Technologies, and Antaira Technologies are up to the challenge. They offer everything from the radio to the antenna and all necessary RF cables and accessories to go with them.

Panel Antennas

Outdoor communication is universal and necessary. When weather and adverse conditions are a threat, hearty panel antennas are the reliable way to keep data flowing. The Antaira ANT-PA-5818 is a perfect example. The 5 GHz directional antenna and 18 dBi gain enable you to improve signal and range. The outdoor-rated enclosure is completely waterproof and unencumbered by extreme temperatures. It operates nominally from -40° to 80° C. Additionally, its lightweight and N-type connector combine to make it easy to mount -- even when options are limited.


Omnidirectional Antennas

Not every job calls for a panel antenna. Durable omnidirectional multi-antennas like the Pro C Series from Parsec supporting LTE 4G, 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and GPS in a single, compact dome.  It’s a simple but useful tool for a wide range of applications. These antennas are IP67 rated for all-weather operation and can withstand temperature extremes far beyond what most regions are likely to experience. Plus, they are designed for omnidirectional installation, making it easier to install even when options are limited. With 50 ohm impedance, isolation, and 70% efficiency, it’s perfect for most standard uses. You can’t find a much easier way to bring life to your access points, clients, bridges, Bluetooth, and repeaters.

Fleet Antennas

In the same vein of rugged tools, there are also the Parsec fleet antennas. The PRO Series offers a number of options that are great for Wi-Fi and GPS. They utilize modular designs that make them impressively customizable, and the IP67 ratings ensure that they can handle the challenges of industrial work. The full range of options can provide the specific VSWR ratio and antenna array for virtually any vehicle application. Whether you need a Husky or a Chihuahua, there’s a fleet antenna that is right for your operation.

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In the end, antennas and their accessories are only a small part of what you need for a successful industrial network. To find the best tools for the right price, chat with one of our representatives. We’ve spent a lifetime accumulating expertise in all things related to industrial networking, and we’re happy to provide our experience as a resource to you. We can quickly take you through the depths of our catalog to navigate directly to equipment that is going to do the job you need without exceeding your budget.

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The CB-RSMAM-NM-C200-1M is an RF cable with reverse SMA female to N-type Male connectors.  It's..
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