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Industrial Telephony

Industrial Telephony

Connect Legacy Communications Lines to Modern Networks

Unified communication is a concept designed to integrate telecommunication services and devices such as VOIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol), analog telephone adapters, gateways, and appliances. Media converters, gateways, and extenders are tools that allow you to take the myriad devices, connections, and data lines in your network and put them all to a common purpose. They allow you to have fiber optics, standard copper, analog phone lines, and legacy coaxial in one place and working together in harmony. There’s a tool for every job, and manufacturers like Antaira and Patton supply the solutions you need.

Fiber Optic Converters

A good fiber optic converter dramatically increases the number of options in a network design. A converter like the Patton FiberPlex FOI-2971 puts multiple media methods into your hands with a single device.


It works with T1, and it can isolate networks, convert signals, and serve as a modem, all at the same time. It is packed with interference protection that minimizes crosstalk, DMI, impulse noise, radiation, and RFI.

Telephony over Fiber

There is a lot of communication infrastructure in the world. Much of it is older and easy to ignore, but failing to use existing resources is a failure to maximize your network’s value. ISDN and T1 isolators and extenders like the FOI-5601 allow you to significantly increase the distance of your existing lines using fiber optics. You can save massively on infrastructure investment without sacrificing quality. These devices are plug and play, making the process as easy as possible.

Analog Telephone Adapters

Speaking of existing lines, if you want to extract value from your phone lines, VDSL2 is the fastest form of digital communication available. With a converter like the EVC-3101 from Antaira Technologies, you can get 160 Mbps upload and 200 Mbps download through your phone lines. The converter can also run signals over POTS. It’s a plug and play device with a master/slave switch. It can run optimally on lines up to 300 meters, making it an excellent tool for customizing your network to make the most of what is already there. The SN200 is a VOIP gateway offering two or four analog FXS lines with Ethernet and PoE connections.

These converters and gateways are a small piece of the grand puzzle that is your industrial network. When you need experts who can help sort through all of the pieces, call Westward Sales. We have the equipment and expertise to answer your communications problems.

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