Antaira STS-1920SI RS-232 to RS-232 Repeater, 3-way Isolation Protection

Antaira STS-1920SI RS-232 to RS-232 Repeater, 3-way Isolation Protection
Model: STS-1920SI
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Antaira STS-1920SI RS-232 to RS-232 Repeater with Surge and Isolation Protection

Voltage spikes and current overload are not uncommon in electrically noisy environments found on the factory floor and heavy industrial areas. To protect your equipment, you need electrical isolation and surge attenuation. Many legacy machines and computers use serial communication to transmit information. The STS-1920SI from Antaira Technologies was designed to safely protect the RS-232 serial ports used by such devices.

The STS-1920SI is an RS-232 to RS-232 adapter offering electrical surge protection and isolation. It operates with PCs, workstations, thin clients, servers and machines that have standard a RS-232 connection. It is equipped with a DB-9 female connector configured as a DCE port. Pins for 3 RS-232 signals - TXD, RXD, GND - are isolated coupled to the male DB-9 connector which is configured as a DTE port. The repeater is powered directly from the RS-232 signals.

Key Features

  • RS-232 to RS-232 adaptor
  • DB-9 female (DCE) to DB-9 male (DTE) connector conversion
  • Up to 2,500 Vrms 3-way isolation on input, output, and power
  • Up to 500 Watts of surge protection
  • Passes RXD, TXD, and GND signals
  • 921.6 kbps baud rate
  • Powered by an AC to +5 VDC adapter or USB port with USB-to-DC-jack cable
  • Compact size
  • Supports all operating systems, a device driver is not needed
  • Installation guide, external power adapter and USB power cable are included
CategorySerial Connectivity
Serial Interface
CategorySerial to Serial
Serial Ports1 RS-232/422/485
Baud RateUp to 921.6Kbps
SignalsDCE and DTE: TXD, RXD, GND
ConnectionAC Adapter or USB Port
Input Voltage5 VDC
Surge Protection500W
Isolation Protection2,500 Vrms
CablingDB9 Male to DB9 Female
Operating Temperature0 to 60°C
Storage Temperature-20 to 85°C
Humidity5 to 95% non-condensing
Warranty5 Years
Download NameFile Size
STS-1920SI Datasheet110.7KB
STS-1920SI User Manual106.69KB