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Embedded and Covert Antennas

Embedded and Covert Antennas

Embedded and Covert Antennas for Discreet Applications

As the term “embedded” indicates, antennas can be built into any number of electronic devices and systems. Devices that rely on cellular, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, GPS and GLONASS, LoRa, or other RF transmission and reception generally use embedded antennas. Westward Sales supplies embedded antennas for industrial and commercial applications, telematics and telemetry, security monitoring, and telecommunications. The growth of IoT devices that report on the status of other devices, coupled with endless consumer demand for smartphones and tablets, has driven the design of embedded antennas since the 1980s.

Covert antennas, on the other hand, are designed to be hidden. Some may be concealed behind a vehicle bumper, fender, windshield, dashboard, or hidden area where an antenna’s presence must be undetectable. Covert antennas easily mount to a flat surface using fasteners or adhesive.


Others, such as those used in undercover law enforcement, attach to the back and shoulders of the human body.

Embedded Antennas for OEM, Testing, and Development

Westward Sales ofers several embedded antennas which easily integrate into electronic devices and systems. One popular embedded antenna is the EM-700/2700. It covers the 694 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2750 MHz LTE frequency bands and features vertical polarization. It is rated at 10 watts of power, and the gain for this embedded antenna ranges from 0 dBi in the low band to 2.5 dBi peak in the high band. Cellular OEMs, systems integrators, and contract manufacturers searching for an embedded LTE, IoT, or M2M product turn to the Mobile Mark EM-900/1900 embedded cellular antenna board. It’s used in diverse applications such as vending machines and smart meters. The embedded antenna is mounted on a PCB and covers a comprehensive LTE range.

Covert Antennas for Discreet Operations

Law enforcement and surveillance activities may need a covert antenna hidden from the public. Westward Sales has a range of covert vehicle antennas and discreet body-worn antennas across UHF, VHF, and Cellular/LTE frequencies. For example, the Panorama BMP1 is a bumper-mount UHF antenna designed to be covert, tamper-proof, and hidden from view. It may be installed using the adhesive pad or four fastener holes to a vehicle’s front or rear bumper or behind the fender liner. The covert antenna operates over any of four UHF frequency bands.

In contrast, the BWDT body-worn dipole antenna is designed to be worn on a user’s body during undercover operations. Thus, it is an excellent alternative when conventional portable antennas cannot be used. This covert antenna is worn across the shoulders and down the back. The wires are taped to a person’s body to appear discreet as possible. Once in position, the covert antenna is tuned to the required UHF frequency to achieve optimal performance.

Speak with a Wireless Specialist

No matter where you may be in the design phase or what RF requirements you have, we suggest you obtain advice from an RF specialist. Westward’s wireless specialists are here to help you quickly find the most suitable embedded or covert antenna for your application. Contact one of our sales engineers to find the best antenna for your job.

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Taoglas FXP40 4G LTE Antenna with IPEX Connector and 1.3dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas FXP40 is a supe..
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