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Managed Switches

Managed Switches

Managed Ethernet Switches with PoE Ports

Wouldn’t it be nice when you are installing an Ethernet switch in a new industrial or outdoor environment just to hook up the network cables, and not mess with power connections and cables? You can! Antaira Technologies offers managed Ethernet switches featuring Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This technology eliminates the need for an independent power source for your Ethernet switches because the electrical power is carried inside the network cable.

Antiara managed Ethernet PoE switches deliver lower capital costs because of the improved price-performance ratio of PoE technology combined with essential management features. Down-times are minimized because the complete network infrastructure is visible. Individual port security improves the security of the entire network. And simplified operations along with reduced power consumption helps keep operational costs down.


Antaira managed Ethernet switches enable network managers to remotely access a wide range of capabilities to configure, manage, and monitor a Local Area Network. Antaira offers a full line of industrial managed switches that boast a variety of port-counts, mounting, fiber and PoE options.

Ease of Use

PoE technology eliminates the time, expense, headaches, and hassles of installing separate power cables, which usually requires the services of an electrician to fit the connections. With Antaira PoE switches, you are no longer bound by power cables and outlets. You can install your equipment wherever your network cables take you. This makes it much easier to install in remote, hard-to-reach locations network devices such as:

  • surveillance cameras
  • wireless access points
  • IP cameras
  • bridges

Power Safety

PoE is designed with network safety in mind, and protects devices on the network from dirty power input, including the voltage spikes and current surges common at industrial sites. In addition, Antaira’s industrial managed PoE switches offer a variety of PoE features, including PoE Keep Alive (keeps a cache of connections “alive” for quick reuse), scheduled power cycles, power-budgeting, and port settings.

Network Electrical Standards

Antaira managed PoE switches are available in two PoE standards:

  • IEE 803.3at - supplies up to 15.4 watts of power per port
  • IEEE 802.3af (also known as “PoE Plus”) - supplies up to 25.5 watts of power per port. This support is available in a number of PoE switches, for example, the LMP-0601G-SFP.

PoE Port Speeds

There are two PoE port speeds offered in the Antaira managed PoE switches:

  • Fast Ethernet (10/100Tx)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Tx)

Port Configurations

Antaira managed PoE Ethernet switches come in a variety of port configurations and port speeds. For example, Antaira’s LMP-0800G-24-T  is an managed Ethernet switch offering 8 Gigabit PoE+ ports (30 W/Port).  The LMP-1204G-SFP has 12 ports -- 8 Gigabit PoE+ ports and 4 SFP Slots.

Network Management

Antaira managed PoE Ethernet switches also feature Layer 2 network management plus network redundancy support required in critical industrial communication settings.  With Layer 2 management, a managed switch may be configured for port mirroring, VLAN tagging, 8K MAC address table, LACP, QoS and a whole lot more.

Layer 2 Capabilities

The Layer 2 capabilities of the Antaira managed PoE Ethernet switches include:

  • Rapid spanning tree
  • VLAN
  • IGMP snooping
  • Quality of Service
  • SMNP
  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • Port management
  • And many more

Operating Temperatures

Antaira managed PoE Ethernet switches offer two wide operating temperature models.  Seletct from the standard temperature range of -10° to 70° C or an extended temperature range of -40° to 75° C.

5-year Warranty

All Antaira switches come with a 5-year warranty.

For more information about Antiara industrial managed Ethernet PoE switches, contact your knowledgeable Westward Sales representative.

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