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Media Converter Accessories

Media Converter Accessories

Power Supplies, Patch Cables, Mounting Brackets, Fiber Adapters, and Racks

With industrial networks, you often have to marry high-end fiber networks with other signals. Whether you’re incorporating legacy devices or trying to save on infrastructure costs, there are plenty of reasons to have multiple signal types in your network. That will force you to integrate media converters into the system. While that sounds good and well, media converters rarely do the whole job on their own. They need a supporting cast of accessories. Finding the right accessory for each setup is vital to having a stable, reliable, and efficient network.

Power Modules

Media converters need power, just like everything else. When you’re mounting your converters in a media rack, enclosures like Antaira’s FCU-RACK16 combine utility and efficiency. It works perfectly to secure and power up to sixteen signal converters. It offers hot-swappable, redundant power supplies to keep your network running. Plus, it supports load sharing. It’s an adaptive solution to combine media converter needs.



Not all media tools are mounted on racks. If you need wall mounts and other accessories to secure your devices, you can use a bracket like the FAC-021-001. The simple mount stabilizes your equipment in a 19” rack mount cabinet and adapts to variable equipment needs. You can find the right hardware for any setup you might need, ensuring that you’re never at a loss when it comes to installing your precious media converters.

More Options

Media converters need more than power and mounting. You can find power adapters, switches, couplers, and signal converters. Every bit of hardware necessary to run your media configuration is available from one place. Even better, Westward Sales’ knowledgeable representatives understand what you need and why you need it. We’ll help you find the perfect solution for every challenge, and we’ll work to keep you on budget. Call us today and get affordable supplies for your media converter needs.

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Black Box IC1000A USB Director RS-232, Single-PortAdd a high-speed RS-232 serial port to your PC..
Black Box ICD11MNT DIN Rail Adapter for Industrial Opto-Isolated Converters/Repeaters ..
Black Box LMC2003A International Power Supply for FlexPoint Media ConvertersThe LMC2003A is an I..
Black Box LMC205 5-Position Rackmount Kit for Media ConvertersThe LMC205 features five bays for ..
Black Box LMM091P-R4 Spare Power Supply, Wallmount with International Clips, 5-VDC, 1.2 AmpThis ..
Black Box LS1016A-9FT Console Server Adapter, DB9 Female DTE to RJ45Attach a DB9 female PC to yo..
Black Box PSFP200 Power Supply for the LMC200 Rackmount Media Converter ChassisThis is a spare A..
Antaira CB-SFP+ 10 Gigabit SFP Cable in 1, 4 or 5 Meter LengthsThe CB-SFP+ is a 10 Gb Ethernet d..
The FCU-RACK-AC-PWR from Antaira Technologies is an AC to DC power supply designed for the..
The FCU-RACK-DC-PWR from Antaira Technologies is a DC to DC power supply designed for the FCU-RACK16..
Antaira FCU-RACK16 16-Slot Unmanaged Media Converter Rack with AC or DC Power InputAntaira Techn..
Antaira FCU-RACK16S 16-Slot Universal Unmanaged Media Converter Rack, AC PoweredAntaira Technolo..
The CPLR-SCSC-FD Duplex Fiber Coupler Extends Cables with SC to SC ConnectorsTo connect two fibe..
The CPLR-SCST-FD Duplex Fiber Coupler for Connecting Cables with SC to ST ConnectorsTo connect t..
Antaira PA-120-48-US 120 Watt AC to DC Power Adapter for LNP Switches and LMP Switches, 48 V Output ..
Antaira PA-60-48 60W AC to DC Power Adapter for LNP and LMP Switches and IMP Media Converters, 48 V ..
AC/DC Power Adapter to Power FCU Family of Media Converters, 5V OutputUse the recommended PA-FCU..
15W AC/DC Power Adapter to Power STE Devices, LNX Switches and IMP Media Converters, 12V OutputU..
AC Power Cord with Choice of US, EU, UK or Stripped WiresStandard 6-foot, 18 AWG, AC power cord ..
Black Box IC199A-R4 USB to RS-232 Converter with 43-inches (109 cm) Cable LengthThe Black Box IC..
Black Box LGC5200-PS Spare Power Supply for the LGC5200A Series Gigabit PoE Media ConvertersThis..
Black Box LGC5200-WALL Mounting Bracket for Several Types of Black Box Media ConvertersThe LGC52..
Black Box LGC5210-PS Spare Power Supply for LGC5210A Series Gigabit PoE+ Media ConvertersThe LGC..
Black Box LHC018A-AC-R2 Multipower Rackmount AC Power Tray for Media Converters, 18-SlotThe LHC0..
Black Box LHC021A USB Power Cable for MultiPower Media ConvertersThe LHC021A USB power cable is ..
Black Box LHGC-RACK Pure Networking Series Media Converter Chassis, Includes 2 Power SuppliesThe..
Black Box LHGC-RACK-PS Spare Power Supply for the LHGC-RACK Media Converter ChassisThis is a spa..
Black Box LMC204A FlexPoint Power Converter, DC-DCBring DC power to your FlexPoint converter app..
Black Box LMC206-WALL Wallmounting Hardware for FlexPoint Media ConvertersThe LMC206-WALL W..
Black Box LMC206A-WALL-DC DC Power Converter Wallmounting Kit (for LMC204A)The LMC206A-WALL-DC W..
Black Box LMC207-DRM DIN Rail Mounting Kit, FlexPoint Media Converters, 4 Different Orientations..
Black Box LMC400-WALL Wall Mount Bracket for Ultra Compact Media ConvertersUse the LMC400-WALL w..
Black Box LXC-DR DIN Rail Clip for Media Converters, LGC, LHC, LIC, LGC51xx, LGC50xx Serie..
Black Box PS1002-R2 Wallmount Power Supply with International ClipsKeep a spare power supply on ..
Black Box PS1003-R2 Dual-Wired Power Supply for Terminal Block ConvertersThe PS1003-R2 as a dual..
The FCU-DIN-RAIL-KIT allows Antaira FCU modules to be mounted on a DIN rail.The FCS-DIN-RAIL-KIT..
Use the DIN-RACK-2U adapter to secure DIN rail mountable electronics into a standard 19" rack mount ..
Manufactured from sturdy zinc-plated steel, the DIN-RAIL track fits into all standard DIN rail compa..
Antaira CBF-LC0xLC-MD, LC to LC Fiber Optics Cable in 1, 2 and 5 Meter LengthsMulti-Mode Duplex ..
Antaira CBF-LC0xLC-SD, LC to LC Single-Mode Fiber Optics Cable in 1, 2 and 5 Meter LengthsSingle..
Antaira CBF-LC0xLC-SS, LC to LC Single-Mode Fiber Cable in 1 and 3 Meter LengthsSingle-Mode Simp..
FCU-BK mounting brackets fasten to an Antaira FCU module allowing it to be mounted on a panel or wal..
Use the DIN-Rail kit to secure the DIN-RAIL to an equipment enclosure or control cabinet.  The ..
PA-PLUG-EU North America (US) to European (EU) Power Plug AdapterAdapt US electrical power cords..
The AD-SCM-STF-M Male SC to Female ST Adapter for Multi-Mode Fiber ConnectionsTo connect two fib..
The AD-SCM-STF-S Male SC to Female ST Adapter for Single-Mode FiberTo connect two fiber optic ca..
Antaira CBF-SC0xLC-MD, SC to LC Fiber Optics Cable in 1, 2 and 5 Meter LengthsMulti-Mode duplex ..
Antaira CBF-SCxxLC-SD, SC to LC Fiber Optics Cable in 1, 2, 5 and 10 Meter LengthsSingle-Mode du..
Antaira CBF-SC0xLC-SS, SC to LC Fiber Optics Cable in 2 and 5 Meter LengthsSingle-Mode Simplex f..
Antaira CBF-SC0xSC-MD, SC to SC Fiber Optics Cable in 1, 2 and 5 Meter LengthsMulti-Mode Duplex ..
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