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WiFi Access Points

WiFi Access Points

Wireless Access Solutions Built to Handle Rugged and Industrial Environments

A wireless access point (AP) can provide network access to locations that are difficult or impossible to reach with a wired solution.  In mobile, outdoor, and industrial settings, not just any wireless AP will do the job.  In a wireless local area network (WLAN), an access point is a station that connects users to the rest of the network and can serve multiple users within a defined network area. They can be used to connect vehicles, cameras, and other devices to your network. Our industrial wireless access points support operating in several different modes: AP, Client, Bridge, Router, and Repeater Mode. These different modes allow for a wide variety of wireless applications that can be required in an industrial setting.

Wireless Modes

Antaira Technologies offers wireless access points for a variety of applications. The AMS-2111 is a cost-effective industrial-grade solution that provides AP, bridge, and repeater functionality, 2.4GHz and up to 150 Mbps link speed.


If you need more performance and options, the Antaira AGS-7230-AC-T features dual independent radios, 867 Mbps per radio, and MIMO antennas. It offers better signal broadcasting with improved wireless coverage and signal strength. Other advanced features include redundant power input, firewall security, and routing. Other models, such as the ARX-7235-AC-PD-T, offer waterproof IP67 rated industrial gigabit dual wireless 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It’s capable of operating as an access point, client, bridge, or repeater.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are inherently not as secure as wired networks, so security features in a wireless access point are highly recommended. The Antaira wireless AP product line offers security features such as WPA2, IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS, HTTPS, and SSH to keep your wireless network secure.  In addition, you will find features such as SSID Broadcast Disable, Virtual Access Point, and MAC address filtering. The ARS-7235-AC model even supports VPN capabilities which create encrypted tunnels over the internet that allows a remote office or mobile user to securely connect to the corporate network from off-site.

Wireless Options to Fit Your Needs

The Antaira line of wireless devices meets the needs for high-speed data transfer, environmental ruggedness, security, and device flexibility between AP, client, bridge, repeater, and router functions. So whether it’s a new project in an industrial or harsh outdoor environment, or trying to integrate wired technologies with wireless, Westward Sales has the solution you need from trusted sources like Antaira. Contact a knowledgeable representative today to learn more.

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