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Directional Wi-Fi Antennas

Directional Wi-Fi Antennas

Directional Wi-Fi Antennas

Wi-Fi network design can be very challenging outside of homes and offices. Supporting varied users in inhospitable geometries while maintaining stability and uptime are common concerns. There will always be wrinkles in the plan, and solutions to the problems may not be clear.

Not all Wi-Fi antennas are created equal. An omnidirectional WiFi antenna is ideal for comprehensive 360° signal coverage. However, a directional Wi-Fi antenna is best for transmitting and receiving information over a long distance and improving signal strength. A directional Wi-Fi antenna concentrates power in a specific direction. When the signal is pointed at the desired target, a directional antenna increases performance, especially over a dipole or omnidirectional antenna, and dramatically lowers signal interference. If either of these features sounds like they can help your wireless network, read more about directional Wi-Fi antennas and the specific benefits they offer.

Reduced Interference

One of the significant advantages of a directional Wi-Fi antenna is it minimizes interference. Even with modern signal processing, interference is inevitable, leading to effectively slower connections.


An omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna radiates signals in all directions and is more prone to other signals crossing its path. Focusing the Wi-Fi signal into a narrower radio wave beam, network designers may designate points of high-gain reception. By controlling the shape, the directed Wi-Fi signal crosses paths with fewer interfering signals. The result is communication with fewer dropped packets, faster speed, and a better user experience.

These features are highlighted by the Panorama WWM29G - a directional antenna that doesn’t require massive gain increases to boost overall network performance. Instead, it improves gain and optimizes Wi-Fi shaping for better results.

Increased Gain

When you need more gain in your Wi-Fi network, the best way is with directional antennas. On the low end, directional antennas boost gain up to 9 dBi. As you search for more robust point-to-point solutions, Westward Sales offers high-gain antennas (HGA) for communicating over long distances.

The Mobile Mark Yag12-5500 is a perfect example. This Yagi antenna produces up to 12 dBi gain. The directional antenna runs at 25 Watts, prioritizing signal strength above all else. The high gain makes it ideal for point-to-point applications where signal loss is the primary concern. In addition, the Yag12-5500 can clarify Wi-Fi signals in indoor applications. It will punch through interfering signals in crowded environments and provide fast upload and download speeds at desired locations. Even in harsh settings, it provides powerful, stable Wi-Fi where you rely on it most.

Types of Directional WiFi Antennas

Yagi antennas are a popular type of directional antenna. They deliver high-speed performance, fast downloads, and high gain, making them a go-to solution for long-distance point-to-point communications. Because of their driven and coupled elements, Yagi antennas filter out noise and disturbance from different directions. Their unique shape helps transmit and receive signals at distances where default antennas cannot reach. Mobile Mark offers several Yagi models as well as log-periodic antennas.

A directional WiFi panel antenna has a broader coverage range than a Yagi antenna but still offers a focused transmission beam. In contrast to Yagi Wi-Fi antennas, panel antennas do not need precise alignment, and their high gain can transmit signals over modest distances. They are commonly paired with routers and Wi-Fi access points.

Your Antenna Smart Source

To learn more about Wi-Fi directional antennas or explore more wireless options, contact us at Westward Sales. We will pair you with one of our networking experts to discuss your application and help you browse the full selection of antennas. With our help, you can find the exact antennas that meet your specifications, saving time and money.

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Directional Wi-Fi Antennas