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Serial to Ethernet Converters

Serial to Ethernet Converters

Serial-to-Ethernet converters: the cost-effective way to utilize legacy hardware

With Ethernet fast becoming the de facto industrial network standard, it's hard to connect older serial-based equipment.  Serial-to-Ethernet converters from Antaira are the solution. A serial-to-Ethernet converter accepts serial data transmitted at low speed and rebroadcasts it in packetized form over Ethernet. This lets a PC, laptop or PLC without a serial port receive test and measurement data.   Thus, serial data can be transmitted over any standard Ethernet network.

With full duplex bi-directional capabilities, the reverse is also true. A networked computer or PLC can send signals to the serial device at the appropriate rate. This could open a valve or gate, initiate a print routine or perform any of the other myriad tasks needed in a modern industrial setting.


Product Range

Antaira Technologies offers serial-to-Ethernet converters for a wide set of applications. These range from the single port STE-501C to the 16 port rackmount STE-716 serial device server. All can be used with RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 signals. Multiple configuration methods are provided: built-in web server, Telnet, serial console or Windows-based utility. Baud rates are adjustable to suit the connected equipment and the embedded firmware is upgradeable from the field.

Non-rackmount converters are DIN-rail or flange mountable.  Or, they can be used freestanding as might be necessary for a temporary data acquisition activity. They accept a 9-30VDC power supply and can be used wherever there's a 24VDC source. Enclosures are metal rather than plastic and most are IP40 rated. ESD protection up to 15KV is provided for the serial signals.

All converters other than the STE-601C accept the nine pin D-sub or DB-9 connector. The STE-601C accepts a round nine pin DIN connector but has a pigtail adapter for D-sub connectors. This particular serial-to-Ethernet converter was designed specifically to meet the needs of PLCs, HMIs, barcode scanners and shop floor control systems.

The rackmount STE-708 and STE-716 accept eight and 16 serial connections respectively and are designed for use in existing instrumentation racks. They need a 100 to 240VAC power supply. Note that the serial port options are either RS-232 or RS-422/485.

Multi-Port Options

With a multiple input serial-to-Ethernet converter, it is possible to send signals from separate devices through a single Ethernet cable. This simplifies cabling in situations where multiple pieces of equipment are co-located but remote from a data capture system or process controller. The STE-502C is a two serial to one Ethernet converter and the STE-604C and STE-6104C-T provide four into two.  The STE-604C is also available with Power-over-Ethernet, (PoE).

Dual Ethernet ports provide several benefits.  Daisy-chaining simplifies network connections in some situations while redundancy protects against data loss in the event of a communication failure. It's also possible to output data simultaneously to multiple computers.

Retain Legacy Equipment

Modern industrial networks can't handle serial data, and few new computers come with serial ports. Yet, with the durability of test and measurement equipment and process control hardware, replacement is not an option. The alternative is to use serial-to-Ethernet converters from Antaira.

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