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Military Antennas

Military Antennas

Antennas for Military and Tactical Mesh Networks

Military communication often runs across an exclusive infrastructure. Specific radio bands are only accessible for military applications. If you work with these applications, you need access to military antennas and supporting equipment that enables such communication. In many cases, civilian contractors are asked to work alongside military units for any range of purposes, potentially requiring tight lines of communication. Military outfitters also need access to the correct equipment. When it comes to radio communication, military antennas are necessary.

Public Safety and Utility Military Antennas

Many military applications revolve around public safety and utility, leading to specific wireless technology. These military antennas coordinate rapid responses to dangerous situations and keep different military operations in reliable communication with each other.


These military antennas also enable civilian contractors to stay in step with military communication technology and protocols to support their assigned roles better. From research and development to physical maintenance, secure communication is essential for all military-involved work, which is only possible with the right military antennas.

The Mobile Mark ECO9-4700 is a great example. This omnidirectional antenna and operates in free space. No ground plane is required, freeing it for more diverse use cases. At 14.5 inches tall and operating at a maximum of 10 Watts, it’s a versatile military antenna designed for reserved military bands.

Embedded Military Antennas

Civilian contracting is an essential ingredient for military work in the United States. It is especially true when it comes to research and development. Anyone aiming to work alongside or behind military operations needs to interface with their infrastructure and networks.

It’s why countless businesses and departments have invested in military antennas like the Mobile Mark PM-1350. This military antenna offers 10-watts of power and is designed for military frequency bands between 1350 and 1390 MHz. More specifically, it supports embedded applications, allowing researchers and manufacturers to find increasing ways to improve communications in real-world military operations. This military antenna has been used for advanced military clothing, information-driving headwear, and plenty of other embedded uses.

Antennas for Tactical Mesh Networks

A mobile mesh network originating from U.S. military development offers device connectivity when the primary infrastructure is unavailable or compromised. The military also uses it today to relay secure tactical information from drones, radios, and other communication equipment. Access to this network requires a Tactical Mesh Antenna (TMA) such as the TMA-24-2CT. This rugged mobile antenna features broad reach, signal amplification, and circular polarization, enabling long-range, high bandwidth, and penetration through trees and obstacles. Working with it and other TMAs from Mobile Mark leads to new possibilities for your tactical mesh infrastructure.

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No matter the specifics, there are no substitutions if you need access to military antennas. There are, however, variable choices that can fill your need. That is why you should call Westward Sales and speak with one of our experts. We’ll discuss the intended use of your antenna to help find the right one for the job. Plus, we’ll do our utmost to save you time and money along the way.

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