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Gigabit (10/100/1000TX)

Gigabit (10/100/1000TX)

Managed Gigabit Switches for Extreme Performance

When industrial networks require heavy traffic or data loads in environments that prohibit most options, Antaira Technologies has managed Gigabit Ethernet switches that are perfect for harsh jobs like wastewater management, factory floor operations or outdoor surveillance. Each device is designed and tested against unreliable power, vibration and wide temperatures, making for tools that are difficult to take offline even in extreme situations. They are manufactured in a variety of configurations and options.  Choose copper (1000BASE-T) or fiber ports (1000BASE-X), extended temperature and Power over Ethernet (PoE).  With a wide selection of port count and management features, it’s easy to find a cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet switch to fit any job. The management software - featuring SNMP, Rapid Spanning Tree, VLAN, port mirroring, a console port, Quality of Service, IP security, IGMP and a lot more -  is comprehensive and accessible.  It perfects the balance between customization and rapid deployment for peak optimization in any network.  And, it all comes backed by a 5-year warranty.


Maintaining High Speeds

The Gigabit (also called GbE or GigE) Ethernet switches all have multiple ports that provide at least 100/1000TX data transfers. Additional fiber ports are available on options like the LMP-1002G-SFP, providing dual-rate SFP slots. The Gigabit fiber connections allow for substantially greater distances between devices in the network without significant signal or data loss. When few ports are needed, options like the LMP-0601G-SFP-V2 provide the same network dexterity at a lower cost.

A robust range of PoE+ switches brings that speed to devices with ultimate convenience. Antaira utilizes standard 30 watt IEEE 802.3at/af compliant PoE ports that are perfect for powering devices like security cameras with far less equipment and cabling.


Managed switches are responsible for data security, and that is what Antaira switches provide. Whether you are going with a standard 8-port like the LMP-0800G or the behemoth 20-port LNX-2012GN-SFP, you can rely on the same standards to prevent risks. Every switch utilizes Layer 2 management software that enables you to easily manage performance efficiency and security details. Features like MAC filtering are available, with address tables starting at 8K, and port based network control and authorization allow for access control as tight or loose as necessary.


Network reliability is the leading reason to trust Antaira for your devices. Every switch is DIN-mountable, making it easy to secure network hubs against the machine-driven vibrations or other stability issues that often plague heavy industry. Temperature protection is another leading feature. The standard operating temperature for most switches ranges from -10° to 70°C, and extended temperature devices can handle lows as cold as -40° and highs up to 80°. The other core component of Antaira switches is surge protection. EFT and ESD protection reaches to 2,000 VDC and 6,000 VDC respectively.

While every device is thoroughly protected, specific features can boost reliability even further. Consider the smaller LMX-0501G-SFP-V2. It uses redundant power input that accepts 48 to 55 VDC, preventing downtime due to power interruptions. It also uses automatic warnings and fault notifications that provide live updates to network administrators when problems are detected. Point break alarms work in tandem with email notifications to make for instant detection and fast resolution to the most common sources of network failure.

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Antaira switches are the answer to improving existing networks or outfitting new operations. In either case, you can contact a Westward Sales rep today to have a knowledgeable discussion about your needs and options.

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