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AC / DC Power Adapters


Individual networking devices like Ethernet switches, media converters, and serial servers need a dependable power source. AC-DC converters take current from an external power source and convert it to different specifications needed by various electronic or battery-powered devices. Our AC to DC power adapters and accessories support our LNX, LMX, STE, STW, STM, and FCU product families. These power adapters are commercial-grade quality and ideal for the lab, IT closets, computer rooms, and building interiors. We also offer AC adapters, such as the 170635-000, for cars that plug  into the 12-volt DC auxiliary power outlet (or cigarette lighter socket). If you need a more robust power supply, consider our full range of DIN-rail mount supplies that range from 15 to 480 watts and offer 12V, 24V or 48V outputs to ensure that your devices are receiving the necessary power.


A Variety of Voltage Outputs

It is important to choose AC / DC power adapters that match your device’s input voltage and current. Ignoring to do this could damage your device when it detects an overvoltage or overheats. At best, a disconnect between your AC adapter’s and device’s ratings will lower the lifespan of your device. Our power adapters come in a broad range of DC voltage outputs and wattages. The PA-60-48 adapter, for example, provides 60 watts and 48 volts for Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches like the LNP and LMP families. It’s also a good choice for our PoE media converters. For additional power output, go with the 120-watt PA-120-48. If you are looking for AC /  DC power adapters with more voltage or wattage range, the 170751-000 will answer your needs. The power adapters can accept an input of 100 to 240 VAC and output VDC. 

We recommend the PA-STX AC to DC converter to power the STE, STW, LNX, and IMC network device families from Antaira Technologies. It accepts 100-240VAC and outputs 12 VDC providing it with short circuit, current overload, over voltage, and over-temperate protections. Additionally, it comes in Euro or USA plug styles and has convenient bare wire ends that conveniently fit into the power terminal blocks of these devices.

Get The Accessories & Assistance You Need

While almost all devices such as laptops, routers, phones use AC / DC power adapters and shopping for these power adapters may seem like a simple task, it can be confusing to pick the right one for your needs. Whether you are reorganizing your current setup, or planning to upgrade your electronics system, set up a power and networking accessories consultation with your knowledgeable Westward Sales sales engineer and our team of experts can help you answer all your questions and equip you with AC / DC adaptors that are compatible with your devices’ configuration. We’ll recommend a complete end-to-end solution to solve your hardware challenges.

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