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Industrial Displays & Computers

Industrial Displays & Computers

Rugged Computing for Rugged Environments

Computing is the heart and soul of every industry. IT infrastructure is essential to efficient and effective communication, but it is the raw computing that enables precise analytics, powerful multitasking and the general range of tools necessary to running a large operation. From surveillance and automation to remote monitoring for daily reports, every facet of production is inundated with computing. Modernizing these systems can only be done with ample options that fill niche roles as easily as they contribute to system-wide collaboration. It is to that end that AxiomTek has developed their robust line of industrial computers. 


It starts with a choice of embedded CPUs. From power-friendly Intel Atoms to data crunching Core i7s, you get a combination of processing bandwidth, financial savings, and power efficiency. From there, you may customize I/O to fit your application. Older connections like VGA and serial adapters are just as available as the latest 4K display ports and USB-C connections. You can mix and match as needed, ensuring communication with both legacy and cutting edge devices.


Power supply options are just as varied. Axiomtek computers feature standard ATX connections, AT power supplies and wide DC input ranges for easy integration into control panels, railway and vehicles.  This computing line includes several form factors and functions such as small DIN-rail mount, embedded systems, gateways, firewalls and touch panel PCs.  Many are certified to heavy industrial and railroad standards such as IP66, IP69K, EN50155, EN50121, E-Mark, ISO 7637, DNV 2.4, EN45545-2, IEC 60945, ATEX and Class 1, Division 2.


Convenience isn’t just about quality of life. It saves time and money. Take a look at the eBOX530. This industrial computer is DIN-rail mountable, which makes deployment a breeze. It is also fanless. This saves even more on power and provides noiseless cooling that is ideal for compact or remote locations. In that same vein, the powerful computing is still relegated to efficient, space-saving containment that only adds to the number of places it can be housed. There is no question that designs like this ease labor burdens for IT departments as much as any other.

Designed for Up Time

Most important to industrial computing is up time.  Every computer in the inventory is built to this purpose. Highly durable machines like the eBOX625 are rated for extreme operating temperatures that range between -20° and 50° C.  Secure mounting combined with a stabilizing enclosure will withstand vibrations up to 3 Grms (with solid state drives). Additional shock and surge protection are also available along with automated diagnostic features that detect line breaks, identify power failures and assist with networking management.

This is a complete range of industrial computers.  Quickly narrow your search by chatting with one of our expert representatives who are intimately familiar with these products.  We’ll offer a holistic solution that caters specifically to your computing and budgetary needs. There has never been a better time to invest in your network. Call today and see just how rich the future of your IT department will be when you let us get to know your business and provide our expert analysis.

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Axiomtek Agent200 DIN-Rail NPX iMX RISC Computer with Ethernet, Serial, Digital IO, and CA..
Axiomtek Agent336 Transportation-Rated Embedded Computer with NPX i.MX 8M ARM ProcessorIntellige..
Axiomtek AIE500-901-FL Rugged High-Performance AI Computer with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPUThe AIE500-..
Axiomtek DSB320-842 Fanless Digital Signage PlayerThe DSB320-842 provides a high efficiency and ..
Axiomtek DSB500-860 High Performance Digital Signage Player with Socket G2 2nd Gen Intel C..
Axiomtek DSB550-880 High Performance Digital Signage Player with with 4th Generation Intel ..
Axiomtek eBOX100-312-FL Low-Profile Industrial Computer with Intel Celeron or Pentium ProcessorW..
Axiomtek eBOX100-51R-FL Ultra-Compact Embedded System with Intel i5 or Celeron ProcessorWhen you..
Axiomtek eBOX560-300-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer with Intel Pentium N3710 Processor, 4K Ultra..
AxiomTek eBOX560-500-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer, Select Intel Core i7-6600U, i5-6300U o..
Axiomtek eBOX560-512-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer with Choice of a Celeron 3956U or i5-7300U Proces..
AxiomTek eBOX560-880-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer with Choice of Celeron 2980U, i5-4300U ..
Axiomtek eBOX560-900-FL Rugged High-Performance Computer with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPUThe eBOX..
Axiomtek eBOX565-312-FL Embedded PC with Intel Celeron Processor, PoE, HDMI, Serial, and 12 VDC Powe..
AxiomTek eBOX565-500-FL, Embedded Computer, Intel Core i5-6300U, i3-6100U or Celeron 3955U..
AxiomTek eBOX620-841-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer with the Intel Atom E3845 1.91GHz Proce..
Axiomtek eBOX625-312-FL Fanless Industrial Computer with Choice of Intel Celeron or Pentium Processo..
Axiomtek eBOX626-841-FL Embedded Intel Atom E3826 Computer with Large I/O Assortment and 1..
Axiomtek eBOX626-842-FL Industrial Intel Celeron J1900 Computer with Display, Ethernet, US..
 Axiomtek eBOX626-853-FL Industrial PC with Intel Celeron, Graphics, PCIe Expansion, ..
Axiomtek eBOX627-312-FL Fanless Industrial Computer with Choice of Intel Celeron or Pentium Processo..
AxiomTek eBOX630-100-FL, Fanless Embedded System with AMD G-Series APU T56N 1.65 GHz, VGA ..
AxiomTek eBOX635-881-FL, Fanless Embedded System with LGA1150 Socket 4th Generation Intel Core&..
Axiomtek eBOX638-842-FL, Embedded Computer with Intel Celeron J1900, Dual PCI or PCIe Expa..
Axiomtek eBOX640-500-FL Industrial Computer with LGA 1151 Socket for Intel Core and Celeron CPU..
AxiomTek eBOX660-872-FL, Fanless Embedded System with Socket G2 Intel Core i7/i5/i3 and&nb..
AxiomTek eBOX670-883-FL, Fanless Embedded System with Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Cel..
Axiomtek eBOX671-517-FL Box PC with LGA 1151 Socket for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron CPUs, 8 PoE P..
Axiomtek eBOX671-521-FL with LGA 1151 for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron PC, MXM 3.1 Slot, 5 Display..
AxiomTek eBOX745-FL500, Fanless Embedded System with AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz Processor..
Axiomtek eBOX800-511-FL IP67-rated Computer with Choice of Intel i5 or Celeron, M12 I/O Connectors ..
Axiomtek eBOX800-841-FL Rugged IP67 Outdoor Computer with Intel Atom CPUIndustrial Internet of T..
Axiomtek eBOX800-900-FL Rugged IP67 Fanless Embedded Compter with Nvidia Jetson TX2Industrial ap..
Axiomtek GOT110-316 Heavy-Duty 10.4" IP65 Rated Panel PC with Touch Screen, Intel Celeron or Pentium..
Axiomtek GOT110-316-PoE-PD PoE Powered 10.4" Panel PC with Touch, Intel Celeron, and IP65 Rating..
Axiomtek GOT3126T-834 Heavy-Duty 12.1" Touch Panel PC, IP65 / NEMA 4, Intel AtomSlim, fanless, a..
Axiomtek GOT3156T-834 Fanless 15" XGA TFT Panel PC with Touch and Intel Atom E3827 Processor ..
Axiomtek GOT3157W-834-PCT Fanless, Heavy-Duty 15.6" HMI Computer with Low Power Celeron J1900Hum..
Axiomtek GOT3157W-881-PCT Fanless, IP65 Rated, 15.6" Multi-Touch Panel Computer, Pentium & ..
Axiomtek GOT315WL-845-PCT Industrial Panel PC with 15.6" Touch Display, Intel Pentium CPU, and IP65 ..
Axiomtek GOT317-502-FR HMI Computer, 17” Touchscreen, LGA1151 socket for Intel Core, Celeron & P..
Axiomtek GOT3177T-311-FR HMI Computer with 17” Touch Screen and Intel Pentium CPUAxiomtek’s GOT3..
Axiomtek GOT3177T-834 Fanless 17" Touch Panel Computer, IP65 Rated, with Low-power Celeron J190..
AxiomTek GOT3187W-834-PCT Fanless 18.5" HMI Computer with Intel Celeron J1900 CPU and IP65 Rating ..
Axiomtek GOT3187W-881-PCT Fanless 18.5" Multi-Touch Computer Supporting Pentium and Celeron CPUs..
AxiomTek GOT3187WL-834-PCT Fanless, IP65 Panel PC with Low-Power Celeron CPU, 18.5" C..
Axiomtek GOT318WL-845 Fanless 18.5" WXGA Multi-Touch Panel Computer, IP65 Rated, Intel Pentium ..
Axiomtek GOT3217W-881-PCT Fanless, IP65 21.5" Multi-Touch Computer with Pentium and Celeron CPU Supp..
Axiomtek GOT3217WL-845-PCT Fanless, 21.5" Multi-Touch Computer, IP65 Rated, with Pentium N3710 ..
Axiomtek GOT321W-502 Heavy-Duty 10.4" Fanless Touch Panel PC, Intel Celeron N3350The GOT321W-502..
Axiomtek GOT5100T-834 Fanless, IP65 Rated 10.4" Touch Panel Computer with Celeron J1900 CP..
Axiomtek GOT5120T-834 Fanless, IP65 HMI, 12.1" Display with Touchscreen, Intel Celeron CPUAxiomt..
Axiomtek GOT5120T-845 Fanless IP65 Panel PC, 12.1" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 CPUThe ..
Axiomtek GOT5152T-834 Fanless, Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron J1900 P..
Axiomtek GOT5152T-845 Fanless, Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 Proces..
Axiomtek GOT5153W-834 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15.6" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron J1900 Processor..
Axiomtek GOT5153W-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15.6" WXGA Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 CPUA..
Axiomtek GOT5840T-834 Fanless IP65-Rated 8.4" Panel PC with Resistive Touchscreen, Intel C..
Axiomtek GOT5840T-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 8.4" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 ProcessorO..
Axiomtek GOT710-837 Fanless, HMI Computer with Atom CPU and Touchscreen, EN50155 Rail CertifiedT..
Axiomtek GOT712-837 Fanless, EN50155 Rail Certified HMI Computer with Intel Atom E3845 and 12.1" Tou..
Axiomtek GOT810-845 Fanless 10.4" Panel PC, IP66 and IP69K Rated with Celeron N3060 CPU ..
Axiomtek GOT812L(H)-880 12.1" Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel i5 with Options for Touch Screen and Wire..
Axiomtek GOT812LR-834 12.1" Panel PC, IP66 Rated, Intel Atom, Touch Screen and 500 or 1000 nit ..
Axiomtek GOT815-834 Fanless 15" Touch Computer with Atom E3827 CPU, IP66 and IP69K RatedThe..
AxiomTek GOT815L-511 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel i5 CPU with 15" Capacitive or..
Axiomtek GOT817-834 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel Atom with 17" Capacitive or Resistive To..
Axiomtek GOT817L-511 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel i5 CPU with 17" Capacitive or Resistive..
Axiomtek ICO100-839 DIN-Rail Computer, Intel Celeron, 1 LAN, Digital IO, Serial and Wireless Options..
Axiomtek ICO120-83D Industrial Computer with Intel Celeron, DIN-rail, Serial or CAN Bus, Dual 1 GbE,..
Axiomtek ICO300-MI Industrial IoT Gateway with Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, Intel Atom..
Axiomtek ICO310 Embedded DIN-Rail Mount Computer and IoT Gateway with Celeron N3060 or N3160 Process..
Axiomtek IFB125 DIN-Rail RISC Computer with I2C, SPI, Digital IO, and EthernetIndustrial Interne..
Axiomtek IRU131 Industrial IoT Gateway with NXP i.MX 6UL Processor, Optional LTE and Wi-FiHow do..
Axiomtek IRU151 Industrial IoT Gateway with NXP i.MX 6UL Processor, Analog Input, Optional LTE and W..
Axiomtek IRU152 Gateway Computer with NXP i.MX 6UL Processor, High-Speed Analog Input, Optional LTE ..
Axiomtek MPC102-845 Industrial IP65 Medical Grade Panel PC, 10.4" XGA TFT with Intel Celeron Pr..
Axiomtek MPC103-845 Industrial IP65 Medical Grade Panel PC, 10.1" WXGA TFT with Intel Dual-Core..
Axiomtek MPC152-845 Industrial IP65 Medical Grade Panel PC, 15" XGA TFT with Intel Celeron N306..
Axiomtek MPC153-834 Industrial IP65 Medical Grade Panel PC, 15.6" WXGA TFT with Intel Celeron J..
Axiomtek OPS300-310 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with Intel&n..
Axiomtek OPS500-501 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with 6th/7th Gen ..
Axiomtek OPS700-520 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with 8th Gen Inte..
Axiomtek OPS875 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with Intel ..
Axiomtek OPS880 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with 4th Gen Int..
Axiomtek OPS882 IPSS/OPS Digital Signage Player with 4th Gen Intel Core i5 Proce..
Axiomtek OPS883 Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player with 4th Gen Int..