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Serial to Modbus TCP

Serial to Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP and RTU Serial Gateways

There are times when new devices cannot accomplish a task. It’s why countless industrial applications rely on legacy technology. As much as we love the digital age, some of our old communication devices are still the best tools for specific jobs. When you need to integrate serial devices in a modern environment, gateways that put serial streams on a network are the way to go. That’s the whole point of Antaira’s serial to Modbus TCP converters.

Modbus TCP

To upgrade legacy serial systems, you need the right mediator. Modbus TCP devices serve that role by translating serial streams to a Fast Ethernet network. The Antaira STM-602C is a perfect example of a gateway that can modernize serial devices. It features multiple serial ports and a redundant set of Fast Ethernet ports. The STM-602C is the bridge between worlds, and it maintains these channels of communication in incredibly harsh environments.


Modbus RTU

Modernizing serial systems is essential, but sometimes you need them to do the same old thing they’ve been doing for decades. It’s why you keep legacy devices in the first place. Modbus RTU gateways allow you to link serial devices in their native communication protocols. Antaira’s STM-604C is a multi-port gateway that networks Modbus RTU. It configures as master or slave, so you can arrange the system however you need. It also carries the capacity to convert the signal over TCP/IP to fulfill multiple roles.

Legacy systems represent common networking challenges, but they aren’t the only obstacle that you face. To access the best tools for overcoming these trials, you’ll find expertise help at Westward Sales. Call today, and we’ll recommend the right serial devices for the job.

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