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Bluetooth to Serial

Bluetooth to Serial

Bluetooth to RS-232/422/485 and USB Adapters

Bluetooth to serial adapters are at the heart and soul of converting older systems to modern communications. You can cut expanses of cable and open communications to additional devices for impressively low costs. If you want the best options on the market for modernizing your outfit, consider the preconfigured and module kit options we supply from Antaira Technologies and SENA Technologies

Preconfigured Converters

When you want a fast and easy way to add Bluetooth capacity to your serial equipment, this is the way to go. Take the Antaira BTS-1000A, for example. By simply plugging into a serial port, you can replace entire cable runs by installing the preconfigured pair. Absolutely no software installation or adjustment is required. When it comes to ease and speed of deployment, there is no better option.



Speed isn’t the only metric of value in network management. In many instances, saving cost through precision implementation is worth more, and that is when you turn to module kits.  The Parani-ES100V2D starter kit uses a built-in chip antenna to grant 100 meter Bluetooth range to any serial device. You can expand the range or capacity on demand.  The simple design and SENA software tools make it easy to customize your network.

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There is a best solution for every situation. Make sure you have access to yours by talking with one of our agents today. We have the knowledge and experience to understand your network and its needs. We’ll help you get it right the first time for the best possible price.

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