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AC/DC Power Supplies

AC/DC Power Supplies

Media Converter Power Supplies & Adapters

An individual media converter or a rack of converters need ample, dependable power. Our diverse range of power options brings the power you need for these devices. Industrial and commercial-grade AC to DC adapters with 12 to 48-volt outputs support the STE, STW, LNX, IMC, STM, and FCU family of products. If you require a more robust solution, we also carry a broad range of DIN-rail mount supplies.

AC and DC Power for Rack Mount Systems

Antaira Technologies’ FCU-RACK16 rack mount enclosure hosts up to 16 hot-swappable FCU Series media converters. The chassis operates with a single or dual redundant AC or DC power supply. The FCU-RACK-DC-PWR supports load sharing, so the FCU-RACK16 will continue operation if the primary power supply fails. The FCU-RACK-AC-PWR provides the same function for AC operation.


Designing Better Networks

Variety is key to optimization. At Westward Sales, we match the best equipment to a network designer’s needs. Power supplies are an essential part of the solution, but they are only a small piece of what it takes to build an industrial network. Talk with one of our network representatives, and we’ll outfit you with the exact tools for the job.

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The FCU-RACK-AC-PWR from Antaira Technologies is an AC to DC power supply designed for the..
The FCU-RACK-DC-PWR from Antaira Technologies is a DC to DC power supply designed for the FCU-RACK16..
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