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Audio/Video Extenders Enhance Connectivity and Signal Transmission

Audio/Video (AV) extenders are innovative devices designed to extend the range of audio and video signals over long distances. They provide a reliable solution for transmitting high-quality AV content between a source device, such as a computer or camera, and a display device, like a monitor or projector, while maintaining signal integrity. AV extenders support various video resolutions, distances, cabling formats, and port counts. For long distances, AV extender kits include a receiver and transmitter, delivering HD-quality video and stereo audio for crystal-clear video and sound at a remote location.

AV Extender Selection

AV signal extenders are available in various configurations. Choose signal type (VGA, DVI, or HDMI), resolution, number of video outputs, number of audio outputs, and distance. Here are a few popular ones.

  • HDMI extenders transmit A/V signals beyond the standard distance limitations - up to several miles - by utilizing various transmission technologies, such as fiber optics or Ethernet. They support high-definition video resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR, and multi-channel audio, ensuring a seamless AV experience. Installation is straightforward with a plug-and-play setup and doesn’t require de-skewing, scaling, compression, or color space conversion. Some HDMI extenders also support features like USB, IR, RS-232, and Ethernet extension for enhanced connectivity and control.
  • VGA extenders are specifically designed to extend VGA, SVGA, XGA, and WXGA signals over long distances, making them ideal for applications such as classrooms, conference rooms, and control room installations. They support video resolutions of 480p, 720p, and 1080i, ensuring crisp and clear image quality. A transmit and receive pair will use Ethernet or fiber optics to transmit VGA signals up to 1000 feet or more. In addition, VGA extenders are available in multiple port counts so that you can fine-tune your AV system installation.
  • DVI extenders allow the extension of stereo audio and video signals to remote locations without degradation in quality. They support single-link or dual-link DVI resolutions, including 1920 x 1200 or 2560 x 1600, respectively. DVI extenders are used in professional AV setups, digital signage, and multimedia presentations.
  • DisplayPort extenders transmit uncompressed high-resolution video and stereo audio signals over Cat 5 or Cat 7 cables to distances up to 100 meters. This DVI and Stereo Audio Extender Kit for Multimode Fiber makes it easy to extend HD-quality video and stereo audio for crystal-clear DVI video and sound to remote locations. They support video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) or higher, providing a superior visual experience for digital signs, distant control rooms, and multimedia networks. The transmitter and receiver units are HDCP2.2 compliant and support EDID transmission. They are also electronically isolated from one another to reduce noise.
  • Audio extenders support various formats, such as stereo, multi-channel, analog, and digital audio, e.g., S/PDIF, and maintain audio quality throughout the transmission. They are commonly used in applications where audio sources and output devices are physically separated, such as in theaters, stadiums, or lecture halls.

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In addition to the popular AV extenders above, manufacturers like Black Box provide extenders for less common technologies such as 3G-SDI, baluns, and CCTV. Discover the extensive range of Audio/Video Extenders available at Westward Sales and take your AV system to the next level. Whether you need to extend HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, or audio signals, our selection of high-quality extenders will ensure reliable signal transmission over long distances. Call us today, and one of our expert sales engineers can help you explore the possibilities of enhanced connectivity and superior AV performance with our Audio/Video Extenders.

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