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VOIP Gateways

VOIP Gateways

Transmit Digitized Voice over an Ethernet/IP Network

Voice communications are indispensable in many work environments. When communication needs to be clear, reliable, and in real-time, voice is hard to beat. That’s why so many industrial facilities rely on voice-over-IP (VOIP) systems to maintain those reliable communications. VoIP gateways allow you to build a custom voice infrastructure that is isolated and available wherever it is needed. With these tools, you can maintain your own internal calling and connect anywhere in the world on demand.

Fiber Optic Isolator Extenders

When using voice over IP, there are plenty of advantages of utilizing existing communications infrastructure. To communicate over a fiber-optic network, you’ll need isolators and extenders that are reliable and easy to integrate. Isolators like the FiberPlex FOI-5401 from Patton Electronics combine multiple functions into a single device.


It converts signals, serves as a modem, and isolates the line to prevent crosstalk, impulse noise, EMI, and other interference sources. It stabilizes your voice communications while extending the network range by up to 4,800 feet.

Analog Telephone Converters

Even when you use VoIP, many facilities need to incorporate legacy devices. To combine legacy telephone equipment with the new digital resources, analog phone converters are vital. The SN200 telephone adapter and VOIP gateway is a perfect example. It supports multiple interfaces and can traffic four simultaneous calls. It’s a cost-effective way to integrate your legacy phones, and it works with fax and metering.

VoIP Gateways

Digital VoIP Gateways will form the backbone of your phone communications. Patton Electronics makes the SmartNode SN4140E - a rugged gateway perfect for work outdoors or in otherwise harsh environments. It can be vehicle-mounted for mobile operations. It is even rated for military use in combat zones. Your VoIP Gateway facilitates your analog and digital communications, ensuring that you have reliable voice wherever it is needed.

When you are ready to set up your VoIP network, Westward Sales is here to help. We can assist you in browsing robust inventory that can serve every need — from primary infrastructure to odd niches. Give us a call, and we’ll help you stay on schedule and under budget.

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