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PoE Extenders

PoE Extenders

Long Range Extenders for Power over Ethernet Lines

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an invaluable technology. Powering devices with Ethernet allows for incredible networking flexibility. It can save substantial cabling costs and provide access to high-speed communication with minimal investment and upkeep. Unfortunately, PoE runs into the harsh range limits that plague Ethernet in general. When cables run longer than 100 meters, performance issues mount, and they are challenging to overcome. While Ethernet range extenders are common enough, PoE extenders are often overlooked. They can give you a massive range extension without curbing the connection speeds or power supply running through the cables, making for responsive networks that overcome many challenges.

Longer Range

PoE extenders can add substantial range to a single connection. Typically, PoE is limited to 100 meters. With a single range extender, that distance can climb to 1,000 meters. Within that kilometer range, the Ethernet connection will not significantly drop speed or power. Connections can still run up to 10/100TX (Fast Ethernet), and it can still power devices up to 30 watts.


It’s important to note that extenders can branch in multiple directions from a single source. This topology allows a single PoE-extended network to cover an area of over three-square kilometers. With additional design tricks, coverage can grow even farther.

Efficient Range Extenders

The extenders themselves are incredibly efficient. Antaira Technologies’ LEP-301M-KIT is a perfect example. While it grants 1,000-meter range and 30 watts of power, the device itself only draws 2.5 watts from the network. (At the extreme end of the range, power tests have shown a minimum of 25.5 watts delivered to endpoint devices.) It can be powered over the Ethernet line, and the minimal draw will not impact most PoE devices. In cases where those 2.5 watts make a difference, the range extender can be independently powered via its DC plug.

Industrial Quality

Most of our PoE extenders are hardened for industrial environments. To call them rugged is an understatement. They come with DIN and wall mounts — each sufficient to protect them from industrial vibrations. They have variable ingress ratings, allowing you to choose extenders that are safe outdoors or made for networking closets. They are also rated for extreme operating temperatures. The CL1100E from Patton Electronics, which extends a PoE line to over 1000 meters, operates in temperatures from below freezing up to 70℃. That is more than sufficient for a wide range of applications. These are extenders that give you the networking flexibility you need with the toughness necessary to survive harsh conditions.

PoE extenders can be the perfect solution to many networking challenges. They won’t solve everything. New problems will always arise, and when they do, you need access to all of the resources you can find. When you come to Westward Sales for help, you’ll get those resources in abundance. Our experts will help you find the best tools for the job, and our selection will provide you with quality equipment that doesn’t blow your budget. Every time you need help, contact Westward Sales.

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