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Industrial Gateways

Industrial Gateways

Interconnect Protocols with Reliable IoT Gateways

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. It might represent a frustrating challenge and extra work, but the sheer power of data cannot be ignored. If you are ready to get serious about incorporating IoT analysis to your industrial systems, then it’s time to start looking at Gateways. AxiomTek as an entire series of rugged gateway devices designed to minimize power consumption without sacrificing data processing. You can begin your foray into the next dimension of networking utility with surprisingly little investment.

Efficient Power

The IFB122 is a perfect example of a gateway built to provide secure data management in an efficient package. The fanless computer is powered by a Freescale i.MX 6UL-2 processor that prioritizes low power consumption. It operates comfortably at temperatures between -40° and 70°C. A flexible voltage range (9 to 48 VDC) combines with substantial rugged design to maximize uptime.


The range of ports is expandable and scalable, and it is preconfigured with 2 antennas that support 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. On the other side, you have the ICO300-MI. Still built for efficiency, this model adds a bit of power in a slightly larger box. The isolated Ethernet ports only add to security while the intelligent manageability reduces your workload. Any gateway in the series is ideal for IoT, automation, process controls, advanced monitoring and other large-data applications.

Entering the Next Generation

The aptly named gateways are only one part of the total process. A complete upgrade to next-generation data management will require careful planning and a lifetime of experience. At Westward Sales, we are always happy to supplement your experience with our own. Together, we can visualize an upgrade path that will keep you ahead of the curve without bankrupting your cash supplies.

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