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Industrial Bluetooth Networking Tools

Bluetooth connectivity can open new worlds to industrial networks. Using one of the most successful communication standards, you can count on any Bluetooth device to require little to no configuration when upgrading your data, monitoring and communication to a modern wireless network. You get app-friendly control and access to all of your important equipment with a medium that is built for efficient power consumption, improved data flow and low-stress installation.  Antaira and  SENA Technologies’ Bluetooth components are designed for specific work and connectivity.  You save cost by getting the exact features you need. Best of all, their parts come standard with a 5-year warranty.

Building Bluetooth

If your facilities don’t already accommodate the easiest mode of wireless connection, then it’s time to consider adapting Bluetooth options into your operation. It’s surprisingly easy to add coverage with tools like the SENA Bluetooth to Ethernet Gateway.


This access point allows Bluetooth enabled equipment to wirelessly connect to your Ethernet lines. It provides stable simultaneous connections for up to 28 unique devices and requires no software setup. You’ll be surprised how much cable you can cut from your network with simple additions like this.  The universal nature of Bluetooth means you won’t spend precious labor on complicated deployments.

Expanding Bluetooth

If you’ve already adopted some Bluetooth into your systems, expansion is easy. You can upgrade equipment to make use of your features with simple converters like the Antaira BTS-1000A serial converter. This plug-and-play adapter converts an RS-232 port to Bluetooth. No installation or configuration is necessary.

Other improvements are surprisingly inexpensive. SENA antenna extensions are available in a number of varieties to help you boost signal on demand. Cable extensions help you customize network layout and boost capacity where it’s needed most, easily saving money on equipment where demands are lower.

Easy Maintenance

One of the best aspects of Bluetooth networks is replacement parts are largely inexpensive. SENA provides software drivers and configuration tools to scan, monitor and setup your industrial Bluetooth devices.  When problems arise, diagnostics identify affected components, ensuring your network stays online.  SENA’s easy-to-use Windows based tools (ParaniWin, ParaniUpdater and Serial / IP COM Port Redirector) means your staff stays unburdened and upkeep costs stay under control.  You can trust your Bluetooth investment will be returned by minimizing the resources you devote to maintenance and repair.

Learn More

No matter where you currently stand in Bluetooth deployment, we have the resources to help you along the way. Talk with one of our expert associates today. We’ll go over the pros and cons of all of your options, and we’ll get to know your network in order to help you build a customized package that is perfectly tailored to optimize the impact of your budget. You’ll be boosting productivity in no time when you partner with Westward Sales for your Bluetooth networking needs.

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