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Mounting Brackets, Adapters, Cables, and Battery Packs for Cellular Routers

Cellular routers are a vital asset in wireless networks, and you’ll find them connecting the Internet to mobile fleets, production machinery, solar fields, and health care instruments. However, managing a deployment of wireless routers will require you to stock up on essential accessories to keep operations running smoothly. Far too often, an installation grinds to a halt for the lack of a simple cable, mounting plate, or other $5 part. Fortunately, we have quality accessories to cover your parts list. We offer DIN-rail mounting kits, power adapters, cables, converters, battery packs, and more. Our full selection of simple accessories will not only keep your network in top shape but will simplify your integration, too.

Mounting Hardware

A cellular router may be installed anywhere with the proper mounting hardware. Our mounting accessories accommodate all router makes and models. DIN clips and brackets allow you to mount a router solidly onto a DIN-rail track in an industrial enclosure or cabinets.


Rackmount flanges are available when a cellular router is needed for a standard IT rack.


Alas, cabling is the livelihood of all networking. Even when you are installing wireless devices, there are still cables to manage and maintain. Whether you need a power cord, vehicle GPIO cable, or patch cable, we can get what you want at friendly prices and quick delivery. A variety of cable options are all available.

Power Adapters

Like all electronics, wireless devices need a dependable power source. Unfortunately, power failures are not uncommon in industrial and mobile networks, so you need reliable power AC/DC adapters and power cables to keep your devices running 24/7. Prevent downtime by stocking up on these small but significant accessories. Browse our supply and make sure you can make any and every connection. We have what you need even for the routers with special power input connectors

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Contact your Westward Sales representative today to complete your entire wireless bill of material. We can expedite your search for necessary accessories and recommend solutions to meet your challenges.

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