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PoE Injectors & Splitters

PoE Injectors & Splitters

Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors and splitters are practical tools used to power and interconnect a range of devices incompatible with an existing network. PoE injectors and splitters deliver power and data simultaneously on twisted pair Ethernet cabling, and have earned themselves great reputations by improving network agility, scalability, and efficiency. A PoE splitter receives a unified PoE signal (data and power) and separates the data and power onto two different outputs. It is used to connect non-PoE devices (not compliant with the IEEE802.3af/at standard) to a PoE network or Ethernet switch.

PoE & Powered Devices

A PoE injector powers IEEE802.3af/at/bt compliant Powered Devices (PD) and connects them to the network. This convenient device accepts a standard Fast or Gigabit Ethernet input and outputs data and power on the PoE port. In this way, an injector eliminates a separate power cable to the PoE enabled electronics.


Some Antaira PoE injectors, for example, accept a Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000TX) RJ45 line and output data and power over the Gigabit PoE port. By doing so, an injector mitigates other power cable needs and allows data traffic to pass through without interruption. Depending on the voltage input, these PoE injectors support power-hungry 30 and 60 watt PoE++ devices like outdoor IP cameras, access points, base stations, digital signs, and other types of security equipment.

PoE Capability

Built tough for industrial applications, our PoE injectors and splitters are incredibly reliable and beneficial with minimal impact on budget or existing structures and allow technicians to install devices in hard-to-reach areas which lack a standard power source. PoE users cite their ease of installation, flexibility to network expansions and minimal budget investment as distinct benefits. Our PoE devices are equipped with DIN-rail mounting, broad DC power input, resistance to surges and spikes, a wide operating temperature, and industry certifications. PoE Splitters are particularly useful in situations where a PoE switch needs to connect to a non-PoE device, or when the PoE network needs to communicate with non-PoE compliant end devices.

If you really want to understand your PoE and other communication options, give us a call today. Our experts are always happy to discuss networking designs and needs to help you craft a careful, customized approach to solving problems. We’ll help find the right computers and networking components you need to keep your operation in top shape.

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