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Rugged Mobile Hotspots

Rugged Mobile Hotspots

Portable and Protective Hotspots for Cellular Routers

With most communication having shifted online, a drop in network connectivity means a dip in performance. If you often find yourself in locations with limited cellular service, you might benefit from a rugged mobile hotspot that is specifically designed for the latest high-performance cellular routers.

Portable Industrial WiFi Hotspots Boost Connectivity

Get a reliable portable communication solution in the form of a quick-to-deploy hotspot. Our line of rugged mobile hotspots is designed to boost network connectivity wherever you go. They integrate high-performance, robust antennas into the lid of a protective, tamper-proof case. Compatible with major North American carriers — Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, these portable and protective hotspots make it easy to install a cellular router and connect to a network. Rugged mobile hotspots are ideal for mobile communication, field deployments, emergency situations, wireless internet backup, and failover applications. Portable antennas built inside a rugged carrying case pair with a cellular router deploy quickly, making mobile offices and command centers effective and efficient.


Industrial WiFi Hotspots Designed For Rugged Environments

The Newfoundland is the largest portable antenna case from Parsec Technologies. It offers configurations from 5 to 13 antennas with up to 8x8 MIMO LTE for simultaneous dual SIM operation, up to 4x4 MIMO WIFI, and GPS. The base of this antenna case offers room for a rechargeable battery and a small, rugged router, like the Sierra Wireless MP70. The Newfoundland case antennas are resistant to damage and loss of performance even when used in a rugged environment. The next size is the St. Bernard case, which provides 9 antennas for 4x4 MIMO LTE, 4x4 MIMO WIFI, and GPS. Available in four configurations, this tough, IP67-rated portable case antenna also resists extreme and adverse environmental conditions. The 5G-ready LTE antennas in the St.Bernard case enable you to use it as a primary communication channel or as a secondary failover channel. The Golden Retriever and Beagle antenna systems offer MIMO LTE, MIMO WIFI, and GPS. The Beagle antenna case is ideal for remote video, pop-up broadband, fleet management, and critical mobile communications. All models include choices for AC power input or battery power and support the latest cellular routers from Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless. Designed to be carried easily and set up in remote locations, all our rugged mobile hotspots are sturdy and boast an IP67 rating making them immune to severe temperatures, water, dust, and impacts.

Key Features

  • Superior data transmission speeds
  • Rugged, weather-resistant case
  • 600 MHz to 6 GHz LTE operation
  • CBRS and Private LTE supported
  • High-performance, high-efficiency, ruggedized antennas
  • IP67 rated
  • Mounting plates for a router and battery

Fully Assembled Rugged Mobile Hotspots

When you need a portable and protective case for your cellular router, it can be difficult to pick one that matches your needs. At Westward Sales, we are committed to offering our expertise to enable seamless communication. We provide turnkey hotspots assembled by our team of experts that implement the latest generation of 5G ready technology and are tested and ready to deploy! Contact Westward Sales to see how we can help boost your mobile communications.

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