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Ethernet Extenders Connect Old Networks to Modern Ones

When work has to span great distances, you need innovative solutions to keep costs under control. For high-speed networking, Ethernet extenders are a pivotal device that can convert existing copper lines into modern networks. Antaira Technologies has industrial extenders that work with Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or coaxial cables. The converters can handle voice and data transmissions at the same time.  And, they are perfect for video on demand, voice over IP, video phones and IPTV.


Ethernet Over VDSL

If you have or are planning to use traditional copper infrastructure, Ethernet over VDSL is the obvious way to extend your hard lines. The EVC-3001 uses RJ11 POTS to connect 10/100 Ethernet devices to phone lines. Making use of existing lines can increase your network range without the cost of cabling or the manpower required to install it. Transfer rates up to 100/55 Mbps symmetric data transmission supports multimedia services.

Ethernet Over Coaxial

When RJ11 isn’t the preferable connection, you can turn to the EVC-3010 to supply Ethernet over coaxial. Rated up to 3km, it can support 50 ohm or 75ohm cables, and it achieves the fastest data rates possible without a complete rewiring. When you need digital performance from analog systems, this is easily one of the most cost-saving approaches available.

The IVC-4011 offers the best of both worlds. The convenience of Ethernet over VDSL in a 4-port switch is available with RJ11 or BNC, so it can provide a network hub in any area with existing lines.

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Ethernet extenders are great for adding to a network or building a new one in existing facilities with minimal commitment. Whatever your needs, talk to a Westward Sales representative today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the most efficient solution to any networking challenge.

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