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Mobile Hotspot Devices

Mobile Hotspot Devices

Mobile Hotspots for Portable Internet

When it comes to network management, outdoor applications are often the toughest to tackle. Providing connectivity in areas with no available infrastructure means you’re primarily on your own. That forces you to devise creative solutions and seek out innovative technology.

That is why mobile hotspot devices are so powerful. They establish a remote, wireless connection over the cellular network so that WiFi devices may connect to the Internet. And with a variety of options, you choose the performance required to maintain the WiFi users exactly when and where you need it. A mobile hotspot device shines in applications where there is no wired Internet. They handle high-definition camera streams, instant broadband, traffic monitoring, and entertainment and sports events. Some of their best use cases involve military operations, construction-site implementation, and emergency communications.


Choosing your Mobile Hotspot Device

Every mobile hotspot device is outfitted for high-performance networking with robust security, and they come complete to simplify planning and equipment management. Everything you need is built into a rugged case for remote, on-the-spot Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet. The core system is based on an enterprise-class cellular router and powerful cellular, WiFi, and GPS antennas. The router, manufactured by Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless, allows you to manage, secure, and monitor your local clients. Mobile hotspot devices may be configured to suit your specific network needs. For example, you can choose between AC or battery power, router capacity, and antenna array.
If you prefer to build a mobile hotspot, an a la carte solution offers a customized configuration without compromising performance. Westward Sales offers the major components where you pair an antenna case with the latest 4G and 5G routers to get your desired performance. 

Rugged Features

A hotspot is only as good as it is dependable, and ours are made for reliability and rugged applications. All are designed to function in harsh outdoor conditions, meaning they have aspects of toughness that outperform consumer-grade hotspot devices. A wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85℃ makes them impervious to all but the most severe locations. The portable case is built to take impacts, and an IP67 rating protects it from naturally occurring water, dust, and contaminants. Redundant power options are available to ensure maximum uptime even in inhospitable environments. Combine that with long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, and you have achieved the pinnacle of reliability.

Whether your mobile hotspot devices work outside, in extreme indoor environments, or face other environmental challenges, these devices are up to the task.

High-Performance Mobile Hotspot Devices

Mobile hotspot devices are not simply rugged; they sustain high-end connections that serve various uses and applications. The systems are capable of Gigabit speeds through cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. High-efficiency cellular and WiFi antennas with superior isolation are configured in dual or quad MIMO, which offer maximum speed, signal strength, and bandwidth. All mobile hotspot devices feature GPS for tracking and location mapping and are outfitted with multiple SIM slots for robust communications and redundancy. Mobile hotspot devices may serve as the primary communication channel. Or, if the communication infrastructure is damaged or otherwise compromised, a deployable hotspot device may serve as a secondary backup to restore communication and allow essential functions to resume seamlessly. In addition, cloud management is included, enabling you to utilize some of the best organizational and remote management available.

Mobile hotspot devices provide powerful options that overcome many severe obstacles. If you need the right hotspot device, you will find help at Westward Sales. Our experts will suggest optimal solutions for even the most challenging cases. Contact us today. We’ll discuss how you can create and manage your remote networks. If you need power, reliability, and creative wireless solutions, we’re here to help you achieve them.

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