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Conformally Coated

Conformally Coated

Advanced Corrosion Prevention

In the face of harsh environments, Antaira Technologies offers robust equipment that never capitulates. But, not all challenges are created equally. Some sites offer corrosive elements far beyond standard industrial expectations. When that is the case, you need to consider conformally coated devices. Antaira’s coating process meets  ISO 9223, C1-C5, and ISA 71.04 G3/GX industrial certifications required in toxic environments.  It is the best line of defense for applications that include water treatment, mining, petroleum operations, chemical production, or even proximity to saltwater.

Without the proper coating, equipment failure is an inevitability. Corrosive substances wear through plastic housings and deteriorate metal fittings. It takes relatively little time for standard industrial networking equipment to fall victim. These failures can represent more than just expensive equipment investments. They can destroy productivity and even create safety hazards.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

In the face of so many industries that involve corrosive chemicals and processes, an international standard has arisen to ensure equipment can survive its working conditions. The ratings range from C1 (very low) to CX (typically offshore). Antaira’s devices, such as the LNP-800AGH-24-T-CC, are thoroughly tested against salt sprays and gas tests and passed (sometimes exceeded) the standards listed below.

Salt Spray Test:   IEC 60068-2-11, IEC 60068-2-52

Gas Corrosion Test:  

IEC 60068-2-60
Conformal Coating:MIL-I-46058C, IPC-CC-830B, UL 94(V-0), UL746E, IEC61086-2 (Class 2),
Corrosive Areas: ANSI/ISA-71.04 (G3-Harsh, GX-Severe), ISO 9223 (C5-Very High, CX-Extreme)


Corrosion isn’t the only risk. These Ethernet switches withstand industrial power surges (2,000 VDC EFT and 6,000 VDC ESD), extreme temperatures (-40° to 75°C), and heavy vibrations (with DIN and wall mounting brackets). Each Antaira device is subjected to brutal testing to ensure it stands up to your environment. In the case of the LNX-800A-T-CC, this ruggedness is amplified by the ease of use. The switch is unmanaged and supplies fast Ethernet to eight separate ports. Auto MDI/MDI-X and a host of other features ensure network integrity.  A 5-year warranty backs all of these products.

Across the entire product line, you’ll find the right amount of networking power for the right price. The switches range in size, capacity, and speeds, making it easy to custom fit your equipment for a precisely optimized network. From the modestly priced LNX-C500-CC to the robust and powerful LNP-1002G-SFP-T-CC, Antaira has the perfect conformally coated switch for any node in your network. When you want the ultimate combination of reliability and power, the choice is pretty obvious.

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Antaira’s Ethernet switches are forged for some of the toughest work on the planet.  Conformal coating is only one solution to a single problem that may face your industrial network. In the end, you need reliable networking infrastructure at every point. If you want to push the limits of your network’s capability without blowing the budget, contact us today. Our experts love a challenge, and we’ll find the best solutions for your unique operation.

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