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Fixed Outdoor Hotspots

Fixed Outdoor Hotspots

Outdoor-Rated Hotspots for Remote Internet Access

When you need a connection to the Internet to serve WiFi users and devices, a High-Speed outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot provides an elegant and economical solution. If you need Internet access and there is no wired connection or public Wi-Fi, tapping into an existing cellular wide area network (WAN) is the easiest way to get connectivity, as carriers provide Internet on their 4G LTE and 5G networks. A hotspot accommodating a SIM card that can connect to the cellular signal and convert it to a Wi-Fi radio signal is needed when working in remote locations.

Westward Sales utilizes industrial-grade components to build high-speed outdoor WiFi hotspots. Similar devices are known as Wi-Fi routers, pocket routers, travel routers, and mobile routers; however, ours stand up to outdoor environments and extreme temperatures. A WiFi hotspot provides a secure, high-speed connection to the cellular provider.


It broadcasts a “bubble” of Wi-Fi that ranges up to a few hundred feet in diameter, depending on the environment. Our high-speed outdoor WiFi hotspots are packaged in a rugged IP67 and NEMA-rated enclosure and contain an enterprise-class router, which can simultaneously support dozens of phones, laptops, and other WiFi devices. In addition, an array of high-performance antenna elements is integrated into the lid, offering MIMO cellular and Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz).

Pre-Built Turnkey Hotspots with Options

Westward Sales gives you a choice of a pre-built hotspot containing all the components needed to establish a robust, secure Wi-Fi signal in a remote location. Or purchase a kit with the router, enclosure, antennas, and other components to install into your pedestal or enclosure. No matter your preference, Westward Sales’ high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi products are compatible with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks and CBRS bands. It may serve as the primary communication channel or perform as a secondary failover channel. There are many options, such as AC power or PoE, router capacity, and antenna configuration. We are standing by to help you choose or configure the WiFi hotspot that meets your unique needs.

Use Cases for WiFi Hotspots

Situations that call for high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi are many. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Newly opened branch offices can be brought online in just a day by connecting to a cellular network with a high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot. Connectivity speeds, especially with 4G and 5G networks, can provide the impressive performance needed to support an entire workforce.
  • Kiosks lacking Internet can be connected to the cloud and the company’s backend systems to transfer data between the field location and headquarters seamlessly.
  • IoT devices can be installed virtually anywhere, and high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi links back to the servers that collect IoT data.
  • Vehicles are perhaps the most obvious use case for high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi. But, when you need to stay in touch no matter where you are, Westward Sales can keep you connected.
  • Automatic failover automatically moves an application to a standby server during a failure or service event to preserve uptime. It’s necessary for high availability and disaster recovery, depending on where the second system is and how it is used.
  • Digital billboard signage, as you see along the highway, needs a way to connect to the servers that control the content displayed on the signs.
  • Sprinkler and irrigation controls are often installed in remote corners of parks, golf courses, and fields that lack access to the Internet. A high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot gives landscape contractors access to the necessary monitoring data.
  • Event management often occurs at locations — beaches, street vendor events, 5K runs, and the like — where there is no wired connection to the Internet. Instead, high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi answers the need to process credit card purchases for tickets, merchandise, and other needs.

Tell Us What You Need

The use cases for high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi are nearly endless, and we have worked with customers with technical requirements that range across the entire spectrum. Westward Sales’ professional sales engineers are standing by, ready to help you source the best high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi solution that meets your needs.

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