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Gigabit / 10 Gb

Gigabit / 10 Gb

Gigabit Ethernet Media Converters for High Data Bandwidth

Media converters are the key technology that lets you use the full capacity of your fiber network. Antaira Technologies has a range of Gigabit Ethernet converters that handle the heavy lifting at competitive prices.

Gigabit Speeds

These converters are for heavy data needs. Every converter in the group is rated for 10/100/1000 transfer rates except for the FCU-5002-SFP+ which offers a blazing 10G SFP+ interface. Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3/u/ab and 802.3z, they are available for multi- and single-mode fiber networks. LED power diagnostics, full/half duplex operations and auto-crossover for MDI/MDIX are standard. Built to last, they are backed by Antaira’s well-known 5-year warranty.


Versatile Fiber Optics

While implementing fiber optics usually means choosing between affordable, standard equipment or communication lines that can handle high transfer rates at long distance. Gigabit converters give you all of the advantages of your fiber lines with the utility of traditional Ethernet devices. The FCU-3002A, for instance, comes equipped with an SC converter. Others feature a WDM or SFP interfaces. These converters are compatible with most fiber connections, and they are rated for long-range communications.

Convenient Deployment

Several converters are available in compact designs. The FCU-2802SC uses an external power adapter to reduce the case size, making it ideal for tight spaces. On the other end of the spectrum, the IMC-C1000 is an extra resilient, DIN-mountable converter that is designed to handle extreme environments while still conforming to standard housing options. In any case, there is a converter that can handle your technical needs while conforming to the challenges of storage.

Learn More

You can get the best of every world to build the most effective network possible. Talk to a Westward Sales associate today and take advantage of the extensive knowledge that can be at your fingertips.

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*** DISCONTINUED *** This product is discontinued but available while supplies last. Contact We..
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