Transportation Rated

Transportation Rated

Rugged, EN 50155 Rated Displays for Railway

Transportation rated monitors endure grueling work conditions common in trains and rolling stock. These high-reliable displays won’t fail in railway, depots, and other transportation-related jobs.  In addition to being heavy-duty, they feature incredible resilience to extreme temperatures and sport bright screens.  They are ideal for embedding with computers and control equipment. Transportation-rated monitors meet EN 50155, certifying their protective capabilities against shock, vibration, humidity, dust, debris, water, and other harmful elements.  After all, trains need to keep running in adverse conditions, and so do the on-board displays and computers.  Axiomtek provides a robust line of industrial-use computers and peripherals for transportation use including LCD displays.


Because of the exposure to the elements, an EN 50155 and EN 50121 rating is essential for a display to be reliable enough for a transportation depot, railcar, or a train switching yard. Transportation-rated monitors feature a higher brightness rating for use under indirect sunlight.  Slim, lightweight designs are also helpful in transportation, allowing them to fit in a greater range of implementations.  They easily manage relative humidity between 20 and 90 percent at 40°C and operate in wide temperatures from 0°C to 55°C.

Transportation operations need high quality, reliable computers and displays because any failing component can lead to expensive delays and downtime. If your operation is looking to improve its technology infrastructure, our experts can help. We'll learn about your unique needs and recommend the right devices for the job.

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