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Industrial WiFi Routers

Industrial WiFi Routers

Industrial-Grade Routers

At Westward Sales, we understand the needs of those managing industrial communication networks. We are happy to work with you and your team to help find the exact industrial WiFi router to fit your specific connectivity and networking requirements. We have a wide range of routers by the best and most respected brands and manufacturers on the market, such as: Antaira Technologies, Cradlepoint, and WoMaster. We have a robust line up of industrial WiFi router offerings, ranging from cost-effective, compact routers with cellular connectivity to high capacity, secure dual-band routers and access points. Give our extensive line up a look, or simply give us a call and we can work with you to help find the tools you need. 


Staying connected to the internet is an essential part of nearly everyone’s day to day life. It is especially true for those working within an industrial setting. Industrial networks need to meet a very specific set of requirements compared to other commercial networks. For complex industrial wireless networks, such as ones utilizing machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) network applications, each piece of the network must work together to ensure uninterrupted communication for uptime for critical systems. In industrial settings, such as: factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, many operating systems are unmanned and must run autonomously. It is necessary for systems and protocols to be in place to detect problems and lapses in connection if and when they arise. Routers, gateways, access points, and other networking systems work together to ensure the entire enterprise stays operational.  

Industrial-Grade WiFi Routers

One of the major concerns of technology designed for in the field and industrial settings is ensuring they can still run efficiently in sub-optimal conditions. Industrial-grade wireless access points and routers are designed with reliable technology ideal for harsh remote and factory conditions. In unforgiving factory settings, WiFi routers must be relied on to keep production operating efficiently. Industrial WiFi routers are built rugged and feature fanless metal casings that can withstand extreme temperatures of -25 to 70°C. Not only that, the routers are certified to heavy industrial specifications to protect the device from common technical challenges, such as: power surges, electrical noise and interference, electrostatic discharge, shock, and vibration. 

Industrial routers are not just safe from the elements, but also are built to be extremely secure from outside intrusion. Our routers are designed with complete security protection to safeguard proprietary data from unauthorized users accessing your networks. These safety measures include, but are not limited to: VPN protocols, a firewall, multi-level authorization, stateful packet inspection, access control list, intrusion protection, authorization control, and more. 

High Speed Industrial Applications  

Industrial routers are as versatile as they are efficient. Many can be utilized in nearly any type of setting, from M2M, IoT, utilities, automation, transportation, to kiosk applications. In M2M and IoT applications, there is little to no human involvement in the transference of data, therefore it is vital that the equipment can be relied on to operate as designed without constant oversight. To help ensure networks are always operational, routers we offer come equipped with redundancy protocols. With included link detection and recovery, communication is automatically switched to a secondary link should the primary connection fail. 

Comprehensive Networking Solutions

Are you in need of more than just industrial WiFi routers to manage your expanding network? Here at Westward Sales, we are experienced networking professionals with decades of experience in the industry. We are here to help you find the very best way to manage your networks, big or small. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We want to equip you with the right tools and equipment to solve any technical problem and are here to offer insight into network design. Give us a call today for advice or for more information on our product offerings.

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