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Fast, 10/100TX

Fast, 10/100TX

Fast Ethernet Media Converters

Media converters are an excellent way to expand network capability at minimal cost. With Antaira’s Fast Ethernet converters, you can interchange traditional Ethernet and fiber devices and cables at will. Each switch supports auto-crossing, auto-polarity and auto-negotiation, and all of the Ethernet ports are compliant with IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards. LED diagnostic lights, support link alarms and rugged metal cases make these switches easy to apply and reliable in tough environments. Backed by Antaira’s impressive warranties, this is equipment that you know you can trust.


Fiber Converters

Antaira’s Fast Ethernet media converter series gives you the best of two worlds. Having the fiber advantages of better signals over longer distances comes with the reduced cost of traditional ethernet devices. The converters let you save on overall cost while still getting the most out of your network. You can go with the cost-efficient FCU-100, a simple device that can handle multi- or single-mode that can communicate up to 2KM.

The more versatile FCU-100W adds options with an even greater range of available connectors and fiber ranges. Single-mode switches are rated up to 80km for both WDM-A and WDM-B.

Power Over Ethernet 

When you really want to maximize your options, the FCU-1802P is available as a fully PoE media converter. Variable options can support up to 30km networks, with the added convenience of network powered devices on the end. You can save massively on cable if you need additional wireless access points, IP surveillance equipment or IP phones.

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Antaira has the tools for any networking job. You can improve performance and capacity in existing systems or start a new one the right way. In either case, contact a Westward Sales representative to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to make sure you never miss a great opportunity.

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