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Outdoor and IP67 Rated

Outdoor and IP67 Rated

Reliable Wireless for Unreliable Outdoor Conditions

As any network manager knows all too well, providing reliable and fast outdoor wireless connections can be challenging. Weather and signal interference from other devices and physical obstacles, wreak havoc on service.  Many networks struggle to maintain an adequate level of service. Fortunately, Westward Sales’ line of outdoor wireless equipment from Antaira Technologies is designed for and proven to work in the harshest of conditions.

Day-in-and-day-out, Antaira’s outdoor wireless devices deliver in the most unforgiving of environments. These devices are used widely in seaports with salty, humid atmospheric conditions, rail and trucking depots with multiple interference sources, and along highways and at intersections where exhaust and signal interference both abound.


In all of these deployments, Antaira provides reliable service for WiFi, radio or internet access points.

Built for a Beating

Our outdoor access points, bridges and clients are designed with IP30/40/50 or IP67 rated weatherproof housing for protection against dust, moisture, water and contaminants. This ensures that operation will not be impacted by adverse environmental conditions.

All of Antaira’s industrial networking solutions products are designed and developed with high MTBF, EMI noise immunity and serial isolation protection.  The durable design enables Antaira to offer warranties of up to 5 years.  With backing like that, users can be certain of quality performance for years to come.

Long Range or Fat Bandwidth

For long-range service the 2.4 G Hz Antaira APX-3200 Outdoor High-Power Access Point-Bridge-Client or the Antaira APX-5200 Outdoor Access Point-Bridge-Client with 2 GigE Ports both provide superior coverage. Installations requiring blazing speed can count on the 5 G Hz Antaira APX-110N5 Outdoor Wireless Access Point-Client-Bridge.

Need speed and distance? Antaira APX-5700 Outdoor AP-Bridge-Client comes with 2.4 + 5GHz channels, along with 2 GigE Ports and 2 Radios.

The 2 GigE port options provide a fat data route, great for video or other data-intensive applications. For lighter loads, 10 Megabit and 100 Megabit ports may also be ordered. Copper, fiber, SFP and PoE technologies are all supported.

Easy Setup and Management

Devices may be pre-loaded with a user-friendly web console interface, making for a quick learning curve for setup and management. For highly-specialized applications, self-configuring options are also available. Intuitive, user-friendly web interface also allows for remote management of devices, in real-time, alleviating need for most onsite service calls or highly trained (costly) personnel.

Westward is Here to Help

A quick call to Westward Sales, 720.870.4500, or drop us a line, and one of our networking consultants will help you design the ideal configuration and suggest the necessary equipment for whatever your installation might require.  And unlike so many providers, Westward will be there for any of your support needs before and after the sale, be they remote or onsite, if necessary.

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