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ISM Radio Bands

ISM Radio Bands

ISM Band Antennas for the ISM Frequency Bands

When the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defined the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) frequency bands in 1947, they intended not to support communication. Instead, the ITU designated those bands to accommodate a wide range of services that use or produce an RF signal. Indeed, the ITU said the purpose of the ISM bands was to operate equipment or appliances designed to generate and use locally radio frequency energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic, or similar purposes, excluding applications in the field of telecommunications. [1]

Types of ISM Applications

Today, microwave ovens, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (both 2.4 and 5.7 GHz), cordless phones, RF heating devices, RFID readers, garage door openers, Zigbee, NFC (near field communication), M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, IoT devices, and even implantable medical devices all operate in one or more of the many ISM frequency bands.


Moreover, broadcasting in the ISM bands requires no license. That fact and the worldwide digital transformation underway for the past two decades has made ISM one of the fastest-growing segments in the radio spectrum.

ISM Band Antenna Choices for Environment, Frequency, and Gain

Whether you need ISM band antennas for a new project in an industrial or harsh outdoor environment or are replacing wired technologies with wireless, Westward Sales carries ISM band antennas from trusted manufacturers for the most in-demand segments of the ISM bands. For instance, the Mobile Mark ECO5-2400 is an omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna that offers 5 dBi gain and requires no ground plane. In addition, it’s tuned for the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz band, has a fiberglass radome, and the weatherproof design promises solid performance for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Where more gain is needed, the ECO12-5800RN omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna delivers 12 dBi gain on the 5.7 GHz band, while the ECO5-915 is designed for ISM applications on the 902 MHz band. For those applications that require a directional antenna, the YAG8-925N Yagi ISM antenna offers 10.6 dBi gain with a front-to-back ratio of 18 dB and withstands winds up to 125 MPH. The HD3-915 is a low-profile heavy-duty ISM and LoRa WAN antenna that provides 3 dBi omnidirectional gain and delivers a VSWR < 2.0:1 over the entire 902-928 MHz band. It’s designed for fixed M2M applications such as where smart factories monitor production equipment for predictive maintenance, where banks monitor their ATMs to keep them adequately stocked with cash, and where products are tagged with RFID tags for inventory management. A Mobile Mark HD3-868 ISM band antenna carries the exact specifications but uses the 868 MHz band used in the European Union.

ISM Frequency Bands

6.765 - 6.795 MHz30 kHzSubject to local acceptance
13.553 - 13.567 MHz14 kHzWorldwide
26.957 - 27.283 MHz326 kHzWorldwide
40.66 - 40.7 MHz40 kHzWorldwide
433.05 - 434.79 MHz1.74 MHzEurope, Russia, Africa
902 - 928 MHz26 MHzAmericas
2.4 - 2.5 GHz100 MHzWorldwide
5.725 - 5.875 GHz150 MHzWorldwide
24 - 24.25 GHz250 MHzWorldwide
61 - 61.5 GHz500 MHzSubject to local acceptance
122 - 123 GHz1 GHzSubject to local acceptance
244 - 246 GHz2 GHzSubject to local acceptance

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[1] ISM Radio Bands

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Parsec PRO8IS (Irish Setter) 8-in-1 Combo Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, BLE, & GPSPa..
Poynting OMNI-300 Omnidirectional Medium Gain Antenna for 868 - 930 MHz Frequency BandsThe OMNI-..
Poynting DASH-3 Smart Meter Antenna, 400 - 510 MHz, 1.2 dBiThe DASH-3 antenna is purposefully de..
Poynting HELI-6 Directional Mine & Tunnel Antenna, 698 - 960 MHz, 13.5 dBiThe HELI-6 is a hi..
Taoglas FW.24 Flexible 2.4 GHz Whip Monopole Antenna with SMA (M) or N-Type (M) ConnectorThe Tao..
Taoglas FW.43 (Meteor) Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna, 433 MHz, OmnidirectionalThe Taoglas FW.43..
Taoglas FW.80 (Meteor) 169 MHz ISM Band 1/4 Wavelength Flexible Whip Antenna with 0dBi GainThe F..
Taoglas FW.81 (Meteor) 135 MHz ISM Band 1/4 Wavelength Flexible Whip Antenna with 0dBi Gain..
Taoglas FW.86.B.NTY.M (Meteor) ISM Band 868 MHz Flexible Whip Antenna with N-Type (M)The FW.86.B..
Taoglas FW.86.B.SMA.M (Meteor) ISM Band 868 MHz Flexible Whip Antenna with SMA (M)The FW.86.B.SM..
Taoglas FW.86.RNT.M (Meteor) 868 MHz Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna, RP-N Type (M)The FW.86.RNT...
Taoglas FW.95.B (Meteor) 915 MHz Flexible Whip Antenna with SMA (M) ConnectorThe FW.95 is a flex..
Taoglas FXP280 868MHz LoRA/Sigfox, and ISM Antenna with I-PEX ConnectorThe Taoglas FXP280 is a r..
Taoglas GSA.8841 I-Bar Style Wideband 4G LTE Antenna (698-6000 MHz)The GSA.8841 LTE Wideband I-B..
Taoglas GSA.8842 Wideband Adhesive Mount Antenna (5G/4G, GPS, WiFi)The GSA.8842 Ultra-wideband d..
Taoglas GSA.8845 Wideband 5G/4G I-Bar Style Adhesive Antenna, 450- 6000 MHzThe GSA.8845 wideband..
Taoglas GW.11.A113 Bluetooth and Wireless LAN Screw Mount Antenna, SMA (M) Hinged ConnectorThe G..
Taoglas GW.11.A153 Screw Mount Dipole Antenna with RP-SMA (M) Hinged ConnectorThe GW.11.A153&nbs..
Taoglas GW.71 Terminal Mount Dipole Antenna for WiFi & ISM Applications, Hinged RP-SMA (M)Th..
Taoglas IS.01 (Hercules) 433 MHz Screw Mount Antenna for Mesh NetworksThe Taoglas IS.01 (He..
Taoglas IS.04 (Hercules) 868 MHz ISM Band Screw Mount Omnidirectional AntennaThe IS.04 868 ..
Taoglas IS.05 (Hercules) 915 MHz ISM Band Screw Mount Omnidirectional AntennaThe IS.05 915 ..
Taoglas ISA.01 Semi Flexible Adhesive (3M) Glass Mount Antenna with 1.5dBi Peak GainThe ISA.01&n..
Taoglas ISA.05 Adhesive Mount Antenna for 915 MHz ISM Band Compact Wireless ApplicationsThe Taog..
Taoglas ISA.06 Semi Flexible Adhesive (3M) Plastic Mount Antenna with 0dBi Peak GainThe ISA.06 i..
Taoglas MA120 (Hercules) 2-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna, ISM Bands 450 MHz & 868 MHzThe Taog..
Taoglas MA130 2:1 GPS/Glonass/Galileo & 868 MHz ISM Band Antenna with Permanent MountThe Tao..
Taoglas MA131 (Hercules) 2-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna with GNSS & ISM 915 MHzThe Taoglas M..
Taoglas MA501 (Hercules) 2-in-1 Permanent Mount GPS/Galileo & WiFi/ISM/Zigbee AntennaThe Tao..
Taoglas MA510 (Hercules) 2-in-1 MIMO WiFi Dual Band Permanent Mount Antenna, IP65 RatedThe Taogl..
Taoglas MA530 (Ultima) 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Screw Mount WiFi MIMO Antenna (WiFi 6)The Taoglas MA530..
Taoglas OMB.242 (Barracuda) 2.4 GHz Omnidirectional Outdoor AntennaThe Taoglas OMB.242 (Barracud..
Taoglas OMB.433.B03 Omnidirectional Antenna for the ISM 433 MHz Band, 3dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas ..
Taoglas OMB.433.B06 Omnidirectional Antenna for the ISM 433 MHz Band, 6dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas ..
Taoglas OMB.450.B03 Omnidirectional Antenna for 450-470 MHz Bands, 3dBi GainThe Taoglas OMB.450...
Taoglas OMB.450.B06 Omnidirectional Antenna for 450-470 MHz Bands, 6dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas OMB..
Taoglas OMB.868.B05 Omnidirectional Antenna for the 868 MHz ISM Band, 5dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas ..
Taoglas OMB.868.B08 Omnidirectional Antenna for the 868 MHz ISM Band, 8dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas ..
Taoglas OMB.868.B10 Omnidirectional Antenna for the 868 MHz ISM Band, 10dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas..
Taoglas OMB.868.B12 Omnidirectional Antenna for the 868 MHz ISM Band, 12dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas..
Taoglas OMB.915.B03 (Barracuda) 902-915 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna with 3dBi Peak GainThe OMB.9..
Taoglas OMB.915.B08 (Barracuda) 915 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna with 8dBi Peak GainThe OMB.915.B..
Taoglas OMB.915.B12 (Barracuda) 915 MHz Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna with 12dBi Peak GainThe ..
Taoglas RI.02.01 Adhesive Roadmarker 915 MHz Antenna, 1.5M WY-100 SMB (F) to SMA (M)The RI.0.01 ..
Taoglas RI.02.02 Adhesive Roadmarker 915 MHz Antenna, 1.5M WY-100 SMB (F) to TNC (M)The RI.0.02 ..
Taoglas RI.08 Vandal-Resistant Direct Mount Roadmarker Antenna for 868 MHzThe Taoglas RI.08 is a..
Taoglas RI.09 Vandal-Resistant Direct Mount Roadmarker Antenna for 915 MHzThe Taoglas RI.09 is a..
Taoglas TD.95 (Blade) Dipole Terminal Mount Antenna for 868 & 915 MHz ApplicationsThe Taogla..
Taoglas TG.46 Wideband 5G/4G Dipole Terminal Antenna (450 MHz - 6 GHz) with Hinged SMA (M)The Ta..
Taoglas TI.08.A.0111 ISM Band (868 MHZ) Dipole Terminal Antenna with SMA (M) ConnectorThe TI.08...
Taoglas TI.08.C.0112 ISM Band (868 MHz) Terminal Antenna with Right-Angle SMA (M) ConnectorThe T..
Taoglas TI.09.A.0111 ISM Band (915 MHz) Straight Dipole Terminal Antenna with SMA (M) ConnectorT..
Taoglas TI.10.0111 (-HT) 433 MHz Terminal Antenna with High Temperature OptionThe TI.10.0111 is ..
Taoglas TI.10.0112 Omnidirectional ISM Band (433 MHz) Terminal AntennaThe TI.10.0112 is a high p..
Taoglas TI.10.0421 ISM Band (433 MHz) Omnidirectional Terminal AntennaThe TI.10.0421 is a h..
Taoglas TI.16 Outdoor Omnidirectional Rigid Whip Antenna with 5dBi Peak GainThe TI.16 is a 5dBi,..
Taoglas TI.18 ISM Band Dipole Terminal Antenna with Hinged SMA (M) Connector & 3.2dBi Peak Gain ..
Taoglas TI.19 ISM Band Dipole Terminal Antenna with SMA (M) Hinged Connector & 2dBi Peak Gain ..
Taoglas TI.85 Terminal Mount Dipole Antenna with 868 MHz Band Operation & 2dBi Peak GainThe ..
Taoglas TI.92 Terminal Mount Dipole Antenna with 915 MHz Band Operation & 2dBi Peak GainThe ..
Taoglas TLS.30.105111 (Shockwave) ISM 433 MHz Permanent Mount Antenna, -0.54dBi Peak GainThe TLS..
Taoglas TLS.30.1F11 (Shockwave) ISM 433 MHz Permanent Mount Antenna, -1.19 dBi Peak GainThe TLS...
Taoglas TLS.30.1F21 (Shockwave) ISM Permanent Mount Antenna with -1.16 Peak GainThe TLS.30.1F21 ..
Taoglas TLS.90 (Shockwave) Permanent Mount External Antenna, 868/915 MHzThe TLS.90 is a mechanic..
Taoglas WCM.02.0121 Two Monopole Connector Mount Antenna (2.4 GHz )The WCM.02.0121 2.4 GHz anten..
Taoglas WM.43 (Cyclops) Omnidirectional Flexible Whip Antenna for the 433 MHz ISM BandThe WM.43 ..
Taoglas WM.86 (Cyclops) ISM 868 MHz Wall Mount Flexible Whip AntennaThe WM.86 is a high efficien..
Taoglas WM.95 (Cyclops) Omnidirectional Flexible Whip Antenna (3dBi Peak Gain, 915 MHz )The WM.9..
Taoglas WSA.2400 (Phoenix) Adhesive Mount I-Bar 2.4 GHz AntennaThe Taoglas WSA.2400 (Phoenix) I-..
Mobile Mark ECO5-915 Omnidirectional Antenna, ISM and LoRaWANThe ECO-915 omnidirectional site an..
Mobile Mark EM-900/2400 2:1 Flexible Dual-Feed Embedded Antenna for ISM and WiFi NetworksThe EM-..
Mobile Mark HD3-915 Low Profile Heavy Duty ISM and LoRa WAN AntennaThe HD3-915 is a low-profile ..
Mobile Mark PSKN3-925 Handheld Device Antenna with 2.3 dBi Gain, 870 - 960 MHzThe PSKN3-925 devi..
Mobile Mark PSKN3-925/1800 Broadband Device Antenna, EU GSM & ISM 915 BandsThe PSKN3-925/180..
Mobile Mark PSN3-925 Handheld Device Antenna with 2.3 dBi Gain, 870 - 960 MHzThe PSN3-925 device..
Mobile Mark PSTG-915 ISM Band Quarterwave Device Antenna, Unity GainThe PSTG-915 anten..
Mobile Mark PSTG0-915SF Quarterwave Device Antenna for UAV ApplicationsThe PSTG0-915SF is a unit..
PSTG0-925SF Quarterwave Unity Gain UAV AntennaThe PSTG0-925SF is a unity gain antenna used for U..
Mobile Mark PSTG2-433T Device Antenna for WirelessTransmitters and Receivers, UHFThe PSTG2-433T ..
Mobile Mark RM-433 Wideband Surface Mount Antenna, Unity GainThe RM-433 surface antenna was desi..
Mobile Mark YAG8-925N 5-Element Yagi Antenna with 866 to 960 MHz UHF FrequencyThe demand for wir..
Taoglas CBD01 2.4 GHz WiFi/ISM Cable Dipole Antenna for UAV ApplicationsThe CBD01 2.4 GHz antenn..
Taoglas FXP290 ISM Band (915 MHz) Flexible Circuit Antenna with 1.5dBi Peak GainThe Taoglas FXP2..
Taoglas FXP70 (Freedom) 2.4 GHz Flexible PCB Antenna with I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL) ConnectorThe FXP70..
Taoglas FXP72 (Freedom) 2.4 GHz Flex PCB Antenna with Ground CouplingThe FXP72 (Freedom) 2.4 GHz..
Taoglas FXP73.07 (Blue Diamond) 2.4 GHz WiFi Flexible Rectangular PCB AntennaThe FXP73.07 (Blue ..
Taoglas FXP73.09 (Blue Diamond) 2.4 GHz WiFi Flexible Rectangular PCB Antenna, MMCX (M) RAThe FX..
Taoglas FXP75 (Atom) 2.4 GHz Flex Super Micro Bluetooth Antenna, 2.4 GHz, 2dBi Peak GainThe FXP7..
Taoglas FXUB63 LTE Wideband Flexible Antenna (698 - 3000 MHz) with Choice of ConnectorThe FXUB63..
Taoglas FXUB64 (Cyclone) LTE Wideband Flexible Antenna with 6dBi Peak GainThe FXUB64 wideband an..
Taoglas FXUB66 LTE Wideband Flexible Antenna (600 - 6000 MHz) with Choice of ConnectorThe FXUB66..
Taoglas FXUB70 4G LTE Wideband Flexible MIMO Antenna, 698 - 3000 MHz, 5dBi Peak GainThe FXUB70 L..
Taoglas ISPC.86A Embedded Ceramic Patch Antenna, 868 MHz and 5dBi Peak GainThe ISPC.86A is an au..
Taoglas ISPC.91A Embedded Ceramic Patch Antenna, 915 MHz and 5dBi Peak GainThe ISPC.91A embedded..
Taoglas PC140 2.4 GHz Circularly Polarized Antenna with Hybrid Coupler, I-PEX MHF I (U.FL)The PC..
Taoglas PC17 Ultra Miniature 2.4 GHz PCB Antenna for WiFi/Bluetooth/ZigBee ApplicationsThe PC17 ..
Taoglas PC240 Embedded T-Bar 433 MHz Adhesive/Screw Mounted Helical DipoleThe PC240 is a 433 MHz..
Taoglas PC31 Dual-Band (ISM 868/915 MHz) Mini Flame Retardant PCB AntennaThe PC31 is a high gain..
Taoglas PC81 Mini PCB Antenna, 868 MHz ISM, Foam Adhesive AssemblyThe PC81 miniaturized low prof..
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