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Serial Accessories

Serial Accessories

Adapters, Extension Cables, and Power Supplies for Serial Devices

Managing serial networks requires adequate supply of accessories. Often, a project grinds to a halt for the lack of a $5 part or the inability to connect one device to another. Fortunately, we offer quality accessories from adapters, cables, converters, gender changers, power supplies, to mounting hardware. Our selection of the little things will keep your serial communication in top shape.

Gender Changers, Converters, and Cables

Don’t be short an adapter. Prevent downtime by stocking your toolbox with small but significant converters and serial accessories. Gender changers and adapters like the FM9GD DB9F to DB9M and AD-DB9F-TB5P35 terminal block are handy components for every network engineer. Along with gender changers, don’t forget DB9 to DB25 converters and crossover adapters. Browse our supply and make sure you can configure every connection exactly how you need it. Cabling is fundamental to networking. No matter the project, there are cables to lay and connect. Whether you need an extension or patch cable, we offer RS-232, RJ-45, USB, and a host of other cable options and types.


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Contact your Westward Sales to learn how the serial devices can improve for your next project. We’ll expedite your search and recommend new solutions or offer ways to keep your legacy devices in top working order.

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The Parani-FM9GD from SENA technologies is a miniature gender changer that converts a 9-pin female D..
PA-STE502-US Power Adapter For the STE-502CRecommended AC/DC power adapter for the STE-502C..
Antaira Technologies PA-STS-US AC/DC Power Adapter for the STS Family of Serial-to-Serial Devices ..
3onedata FL485 1-Port RS-485 Signal Surge ProtectorThe FL485 from 3onedata Company offers 4500 V..
15W AC/DC Power Adapter to Power STE Devices, LNX Switches and IMP Media Converters, 12V OutputU..
CB-RJ45-DB9F-90 RJ45 to DB9 Female Serial Cable, 90 cmThe CB-RJ45-DB9F-90 is a serial ..
CB-RJ45-DB9M RJ45 to DB9 Male Serial Cable, 30/90 cmThe CB-RJ45-DB9M is a serial strai..
The AD-DB9F-TB5P35 is an RS-422 or RS-485 adapter that converts a DB-9 female connector to a 5-pin 3..
Use the DIN-RACK-2U adapter to secure DIN rail mountable electronics into a standard 19" rack mount ..
Manufactured from sturdy zinc-plated steel, the DIN-RAIL track fits into all standard DIN rail compa..
GC-F09F09-N Miniature Null Modem Gender Changer with Dual DB-9 Female ConnectorsA Null Mode..
Use the DIN-Rail kit to secure the DIN-RAIL to an equipment enclosure or control cabinet.  The ..
The AD-DB9F-TB5P38 is an RS-422/485 adapter that converts a DB9 female connector to a 5-pin 3.8 mm t..
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