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IP67 & Railway Rated

IP67 & Railway Rated

Rugged Managed Switches for Rugged Conditions

From dusty remote mines to bumpy railcars, our industrial rated switches are built to take abuse and continue reliable operation. Rated for IP-54 or IP-67, they resist dust, moisture, humidity, and contaminants. Compliance with EN50155 ensures continued operation during high vibration, shock impacts, and extreme temperature swings. Sealed M12 connectors accommodate copper and fiber ports. You get a full suite of managed Ethernet Layer 2 or router capabilities such as VLAN, IGMP, Quality of Service, SMNP, redundancy, port mirroring, and much, much more.

Operations located in hostile environments cannot deploy standard IT equipment. It is especially true of rolling stock and railway applications. For these, professionals turn to trusted names like 3onedata and Axiomtek. They offer a series of industrial Ethernet switches that meet EN50155, EN50121-3-2, and EN50121-4 railway standards. With a sealed enclosure, extended operating temperature, and M12 connectors, they stand up to the very worst conditions. With surprising ease, these switches overcome the most common threats to transportation networking equipment. They are packaged in easy-to-deploy, unmanaged devices that require virtually no effort to maintain.


Transportation Certified and Then Some

Rugged railway switches cater to hostility. The TNS5500 managed switch puts 12 Ethernet connections to work. The M12 connectors increase integrity by eliminating the most common line breaks and failures. The metal housing protects against moisture, dust, shock, vibration, and electrical surges and is rated to operate in temperatures from -40 below to 75°C. Network management protocols ensure security, access, and traffic management.

The TNS5800 managed Ethernet switch brings the same durability and stability in a cost-saving package, plus it offers additional routing protocols. The switch also conforms to the EN50155 railway standard to push reliability over the top. A 5-year warranty backs both switches.

Built to stand up to harsh conditions, the TEN710MW features an extreme operating temperature, IP-54 sealed metal case, and protection from power transients. The M12 connectors add to the integrity of the Ethernet switch by resisting water, dust, and intense vibrations. Redundant power inputs support several voltage ranges. Ultimately, this is a networking device that won’t bend under demanding environments. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the TEN710MW rugged Ethernet switch will keep systems online.

Pushing the Limits of Reliability

Westward Sales offers a full range of industrial communication equipment. We are intimately familiar with these products, and we take pride in helping you find the best tool for the right job. Contact us today. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily we can get to know your networking needs to make professional recommendations. We’ll help you simultaneously push the power, reliability, and affordability of any network. You can be assured these devices will get the job done no matter the conditions.

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