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Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Devices

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Devices

PoE Devices

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows you to deploy powered devices (PD), such as IP cameras and wireless access points, in places where a power connection is not available or feasible. Power sourcing equipment (PSE) such as switches and injectors pass data and power over a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cord. The IEEE 802.af specifies the maximum DC power delivered by PSE to be 15 watts. Whereas the PoE+ or PoE Plus standard, IEEE 802.3at, supplies up to 25.5 watts per port. The latest IEEE 802.3bt specification, known as PoE++, introduced two power levels of 60 watts (Type 3) and 100 watts (Type 4) to devices over Ethernet. PoE delivers Gigabit speeds through these lines with cable runs up to 330 feet (100 meters). To connect a remote device, a PoE extender increases the cable length from the standard 100 meters to over several kilometers.

Power Over Ethernet Switch Features

PoE switches are available in 2 to 52 ports capacities, managed or unmanaged, Fast or Gigabit speed, and standard or


extended operating temperatures. The LNP-0702G-SFP switch is a versatile and smart 7-port industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch. It is IEEE-802.3af/at compliant (Power-over-Ethernet Plus) on ports 1 to 4. It comes with two SFP fiber connections to support multi-mode or single-mode SFP modules. Each port offers MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing to provide flexible cabling options. Plus, it includes a built-in relay warning function that alerts network engineers of a power outage or link failure.

Industrial networks demand tough and reliable switches. A managed PoE switch like the LMP-0804G-SFP gives you not only PoE capability but also the ability to configure advanced features such as network filtering, IGMP, VLAN, QoS, SNMP, port lock, RMON, ModbusTCP, 802.1X, HTTPS, SSH and more. Of course, it also meets all the industrial toughness you expect from Antaira switches, including IEC shock and vibration standards IEC60068-2-27, IEC60068-2-32, and IEC60068-2-6. An additional advantage of industrial-grade PoE switches is the ability to connect the switch to battery backup, so in case of a power outage, your switch and any PoE devices connected to the switch remain powered.

PoE Injectors and Splitters

Industrial environments often require creative solutions to solve IT issues. If a suitable power source is an issue, a PoE injector eliminates the need to run a separate power cable to PoE devices such as cameras, wireless bridges, fire alarms, and digital signs. The LNP-201AG-T or PA-48-48-US injector can solve that issue by providing power to your device over the Ethernet cable.

A PoE splitter like the LNP-101AG-T receives a standard PoE signal and separates the data and power onto two different outputs. A splitter connects non-PoE devices (not compliant with the IEEE802.3af/at/bt standards) to a PoE network or Ethernet switch. Data traffic passes through a splitter or injector without disruption.

PoE Extenders

To connect a device that is far beyond the standard Ethernet distance of 100 meters, you’ll need an extender. One like the 2110/P from Patton Electronics doubles the maximum distance of a PoE cable run 200 meters (656 feet). PoE devices like these may be daisy-chain to extend the distance to 500 meters. Two CL1100E extenders can reach distances of over 1000 meets using twisted-pair lines. It forwards power and data to the connected PoE device and eliminates the need for additional equipment like switches, wireless access points, and fiber installations. PoE extenders are typically plug-and-play PoE devices and operate on any standard Ethernet network.

PoE Devices Hardened for Industrial Environments

Built to handle outdoor and factory locations, industrial rated PoE switches include a redundant 48 – 55 VDC power input, wide operating temperature, rugged DIN-rail enclosure, and protection from voltage spikes and current surges. Extended operating temperature models offer the same features as a standard PoE switch but with the added benefit of withstanding extreme heat and cold. With a broad temperature range, they operate in conditions as low as -40°C and as high as 75°C.

Learn More about PoE devices

PoE device likeswitches, injectors, splitters, and extenders have the features and functionality you’re looking for in harsh environments and provide the flexibility you need to power network endpoints. Contact a knowledgeable Westward Sales networking specialist today to see which PoE devices are best for your project.

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