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PoE Converters

PoE Converters

Fiber to Power over Ethernet

Media converters are pivotal to giving traditional devices access to fiber-optic networks. If your industry has you in this situation, consider Antaira Technology’s list of Power over Ethernet (PoE) converters that offer more than just additional access. The advantages of PoE are difficult to overstate. Where media converters already increase network utility by large margins, PoE access adds another dimension of usefulness. While you make use of the sheer range of fiber optic cables, you can further save on additional cabling and devices by running your access points, cameras, phones or other IP devices directly off of the converter. There is no easier way to attach a device at the end of an expansive network.

SC Connections

Fiber cables come with a number of connectors, but the FCC standardized SC is among the most popular. The Antaira FCU-1802P gives near-universal access by converting fiber communications to standard 10/100TX Ethernet through a simple SC connector.


It can easily handle communications up to 2km, utilizing full or half-duplex operations, LED diagnostics and auto-detection for an easy-to-implement device.

SFP Speeds

The FCU-2805P is another converter that ups the ante with PoE+ rating and Gigabit speeds. When your network needs better bandwidth on devices that draw extra power (up to 30 Watts), this simple converter gets the job done. You can take even better advantage of your fiber network by converting to higher Ethernet speeds.

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If you work with fiber connectors, Antaira Technologies has the devices you need to make the most of your network capacity. Even if you aren’t on fiber, the associates at Westward Sales have the expertise necessary to help you optimize all of your equipment. Call us today and we’ll set you on a path to success.

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