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KVM Accessories

KVM Adapters, Patch Cables, Mounting Brackets, and Power Supplies

Accessories and add-ons for KVM switches enhance their functionality and ease of use. However, KVM switches can rarely do the job on their own and require a supporting cast of accessories. Finding the right accessory for your configuration is essential for a stable, reliable, and efficient network. Fortunately, we carry various, quality accessories to enhance your KVM switch installation - AC to DC power supplies, cables, converters, adapters, and more. Our full selection of the little things keeps your network in top shape and solves your connection problems, simplifying your life.

Two popular add-ons are KVM extenders and splitters. KVM extenders allow users to control their computers from a remote location, over a network, or via a dedicated cable, without any loss in video quality or latency. A KVM splitter enables a single KVM switch to be shared between multiple users, each with its keyboard, video monitor, and mouse.


Other useful KVM accessories include:

  • Adapters allow users to convert signals between video formats, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.
  • Converter cables provide high-quality connections between computers and KVM switches, with lengths and connectors to suit a wide range of needs.
  • KVM switches with built-in USB hubs allow users to connect multiple USB devices to a KVM switch, such as printers, scanners, and storage devices.
  • KVM switches with audio support allow users to connect speakers, microphones, and other audio devices to a KVM switch.

If you want to enhance your KVM switch's functionality and efficiency or need help choosing the right KVM accessories for your specific needs, contact Westward Sales today. A knowledgeable and experienced team can help you find the best add-ons for your setup, ensuring a high-quality, reliable, and efficient KVM experience.

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Black Box ACR1000-12V5-CBL3M Central Power Hub Power Converter Cable, 12 VDC to 5 VDCThe Black B..
Black Box ACR1000-3PL-CBL2M Central Power Hub Power Converter Cable, 12 VDC to 5 VDCThe Black Bo..
Black Box DTX1000-RMK1 Rackmount Bracket for 1 Emerald SE Extender UnitThe DTX1000-RMK1 Rackmoun..
Black Box DTX1000-RMK2 Rackmount Bracket for 2 Emerald SE Extender UnitsThe DTX1000-RMK2 Rackmou..
Black Box KV0004A-LED Freedom KVM Switch LED Monitor Identification KitThe Black Box KV0004A-LED..
Black Box KV0004A-XTRA-LED Additional LED for the KV0004A-LEDLED's mount on monitors so the user..
Black Box KVUSB-PS2 USB Keyboard to PS/2 Computer ConverterThe KVUSB-PS2 allows a USB keyboard a..
Black Box KVUSB2PS2 USB to PS/2 Flash-Upgradable Converter CableConnect your PS/2 keyboard and m..
Black Box ACR-RMK2 Rackmount Kit for KVM Manager iPATH R2 Controller UnitsMount two iPATH Contro..
Black Box ACR-RMK2-BP Blanking Plate for KVM Manager iPATH R2 Controller Rackmount KitKeep dust ..
Black Box ACUSFP-SM-10G 10G SFP Optical Transceiver, Singlemode Fiber, 1310nmLooking for a cost-..
Black Box AVSP-RMK Rackmount Kit for ServSwitch DT & EC KVM Switches, 19-inchesThis rac..
Black Box BC00210 Laptop Y-CableThe BC00210 features an older AT style connector. It includes 6-..
Black Box DCX3000-DVR-RMK 19" Rack Mount Bracket for (2) DCX-DVR Remote Console Modules For..
Black Box EHN70001 CPU Cable for VGA and PS/2 Targets, 6' or 10'This EC Series KVM CPU Cable can..
Black Box EHN7002021 KVM CPU Cable for DT Pro II Series, 6' or 9'This DT Pro II KVM CPU Cable ca..
Black Box EHN70023-0006 Hybrid Cable for VGA and PS/2 Interfaces, 6 FeetThis EHN70023-0006 ..
Black Box EHN900024U KVM CPU Cable for DVI/USB Devices, 6, 10, or 15 FeetThe 2-in-1 EHN9000..
Black Box EHN9000U CPU Cable for EC Series Switches, VGA & USB Targets, 6', 10', or 15'This ..
Black Box EHNSECURE2 Secure KVM Switch Cable, 6' or 12'This cable provides an additional layer o..
Black Box EMD2000-PSU Power Supply for KVM-over-IP Transmitters & Receivers, 5VDCThe EMD2000..
Black Box EMD2000-RMK2 Rackmount Bracket for 2 Emerald PE ExtendersThe EMD2000-RMK2 is ideal for..
Black Box EMD4000-PSU Power Supply for 4K & PE KVM-over-IP Transmitters & Receivers, 12VDC ..
Black Box EMD4000-RMK1 Rackmount Kit for Emerald 4K KVM UnitsThis EMD4000-RMK1 Rackmount Kit ena..
Black Box EMD4000-RMK2-SLIM Rackmount Kit for Emerald 4K KVM UnitsThis EMD4000-RMK2-SLIM Rackmou..
Black Box EMS10G28PS Replacement Power Supply for the EMS10G28 Emerald SwitchThe EMS10G288P..
Blackbox EMS1G24FPS Spare Power Supply for the EMS1G24F Network SwitchThe Blackbox EMS1G24FPS is..
Black Box EMS1G48FAN Replacement Fan for the EMS1G48 Emerald SwitchThe EMS1G48FAN is a spar..
Black Box EMS1G48PS Replacement Power Supply for the EMS1G48 Gigabit Emerald SwitchThe EMS1G48PS..
Black Box KV0004A-RMK Rackmount Kit for the Freedom II KM 4-Port SwitchRack your Freedom II Swit..
Black Box KV0008A-RMK Rackmount Kit for the Freedom II KM 8-Port SwitchRack your Freedom II Swit..
Black Box KV1401A Server Access Module for USB ServersThe Black Box KV1401A SAM connects co..
Black Box KV4-PS Spare Power Supply for KVS4 Series KVM SwitchesThis 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.7-..
Black Box KVT100A USB Laptop Console Crash Cart Adapter, Windows and Mac OSx LaptopsRemedying a ..
Black Box KVXLC-DMK KVM Deskmount Kit for KVX Series Extender ReceiversUse this deskmount bracke..
Black Box KVXLC-DRM KVX Series KVM Extender DIN Rail Mounting KitMount your KVX Extender on a DI..
Black Box KVXLC-PS KVM Extender Replacement Power SupplyThis power supply provides power to your..
Black Box KVXLC-RMK KVM Extender Rackmount Tray for KVX Series Single-Head ExtendersUse the KVXL..
Black Box KVXLC-RMKDUAL KVM Extender Rackmount Tray for KVX Series Single-Head ExtendersUse the ..
Black Box PS5000-R2 Spare Power Supply for Wizard KVM ExtendersThe PS5000-R2 Mini Power Hub can ..
Black Box PS650 Spare Power Supply for Multi-Head DVI KVM SwitchesThe PS650 is a spare/redundant..
Black Box PS655 Spare Power Supply for KVM Devices, 3-Pin Locking InterfaceThe PS655 i..
Black Box PS656 Spare Power Supply for KVM Devices, 3-Pin Locking InterfaceThe PS656 is a spare/..
Black Box PSU1002E-R4 KVM Extender Spare Power Supply, 2.5 mm BarrelThis is a spare / redundant ..
Black Box RMK2004 Rackmount Brackets for Agility Transmitters and Receivers, CX Uno Switches, Wizard..
Black Box RMK2104 Agility KVM Extender Rackmount KitMount 2 KVM Extenders in 1U space with the R..
Black Box SKVM-BRKT2P Rackmount Kit for 2-Port Secure KVM SwitchMount your Black Box Secure KVM ..
Black Box SKVM-BRKT4PDH Rackmount Kit for 4-Port, Dual-Head Secure KVM SwitchMount your Black Bo..
Black Box SKVM-BRKT4PSH Rackmount Kit for 4-Port, Single-Head Secure KVM SwitchMount your Black ..
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