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Cellular Communications

Cellular Communications

Industrial LTE Routers and Gateways

Wi-Fi and hardline connections are excellent, but they can’t service every space. When it comes to mobile or remote work, it’s easy to get out of range of these more common network systems. Sometimes, you need cellular connections. They’re ideal for fleet work, remote monitoring and any job that covers too much ground for anything else. If you find yourself nodding to these points, then you’ll want to consider InHand Network’s line of LTE 4G devices. They offer several gateways and routers that range from ultra-low-cost to ultra-high speeds. When you pick the perfect cellular access, you open doors otherwise sealed. 

Cellular Routers

There is a right router for every network. If you plan to do anything related Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication or robust cellular data transmissions, the InRouter615-S is a great tool. It is available with Category 1 or Category 4 (CAT 1 or CAT 4) technology that handles low or high data rates -- up to 10 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink. Just as important, the InRouter devices are reliable. Link detection and recovery tools make for fast recovery and sustainable uptime. The durable housing withstands extreme temperatures and industrial power. Moreover, VPN, IPsec, L2TP, and DMVPN support data integrity.


InHand routers are more than just powerful devices. They are supported by the InHand Device Touch Cloud. This feature organizes remote management, monitoring, and maintenance. It provides real-time access to your remote stations, making it easy to keep track of multiple locations from anywhere. It saves you the pain of building your monitoring systems and streamlines the process for ultimate ease of use and efficiency. It is available for all InHand cellular routers, including the embedded InRouter901L and the high-end InRouter900 series.

Cellular Gateways

It all starts with an industrial gateway. From 3G to blazing fast LTE, InHand Networks has it all. They supply high-speed connections, SMS text, and VPN-protected access. They make for ideal remote monitoring -- allowing administrators to access real-time statuses and indicators. Automatic recovery and redundant systems ensure that the cellular connections are stable and reliable. Additionally, gateways come with fanless designs that are quiet, resistant to overheating and still enclosed with a rating sufficient for outdoor work.

Call Today for All of Your Advanced Networking Needs

The power and access provided by 4G LTE cellular gateways and routers are only the beginning. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility or keep a close eye on valuable assets, our networking expertise can be invaluable assistance. Our representatives are all experts, and we find equal pride and joy in helping network administrators and engineers find the best way to get a job done. We can help you find the perfect tool for every niche and offer insight into network design that can improve your whole outlook. It all starts with a simple phone call. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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