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Wireless IoT Devices

Wireless IoT Devices

4G LTE Routers, Wi-Fi Access Points, and Gateways

Wireless communication is essential to every enterprise network. Copper and fiber wires hold their value, but the freedom of wireless network designs offer inescapable appeal — especially for remote applications. When you can’t justify trenching or laying cables, you need wireless solutions. With Antaira, InHand Networks, and Robustel products, you get devices in a variety of rugged, tested packages. From ad hoc Wi-Fi extensions to expansive 4G LTE routers, these products enable you to build precisely what you need, when and where you need it.

4G LTE Routers

Long-range operations require long-range networks. When uploads and downloads are large or small, you’ll need bandwidth to match the amount of traffic.  4G LTE is the logical solution, and our routers and modems make it happen in CAT 6, CAT 4, CAT 1, M1, and NB-IoT data rates.  Take the InRouter 615-S. It manages 4G LTE, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi from a single device. It utilizes an advanced firewall, VPN options, and security necessary to prevent vulnerabilities across vast networks. It also includes the InHand Device Manager Cloud Platform. This specialized software makes it easy to manage your customized cloud system to streamline communications across your 4G devices.


Serial to Cellular Gateways

While 4G networks can handle a lot of wireless traffic, some jobs require older technology. Serial devices are still an integral part of many operations, but they need to communicate just as effectively as anything new. Serial-to-cellular tools make this easy.  InHand Networks’ InDTU332 is a good example. With two serial ports, it can transmit the most prominent serial-generated data across CAT M1 and NB-IoT. With its ultra-low power consumption, it’s ideal for remote monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Multipurpose Wi-Fi Access Points and Bridges

At some point, virtually every network is going to require some level of wireless coverage. Multipurpose Wi-Fi tools make it easy to adjust your wireless network to changes in demand. When a single device can serve as an access point, a bridge, and a repeater, you need to invest far less to add range or eliminate dead spots in your network.  Antaira’s AMS-2111 does this flawlessly. It’s designed with as much simplicity as possible to bring down the price, but it still manages to provide standard encryption, multiple Fast Ethernet ports, and rapid deployment into a single, robust package.

Routers and modems are essential, but they aren’t enough to fully build and maintain your networks. For additional equipment like high-performance antennas and power supplies, you’ll find them quickly and efficiently at Westward Sales.  Get your networking gear from a consolidated source; give us a call today.

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Parsec PRO-D Doberman Series 5G MIMO LTE Multi-Antenna with Optional WIFI and GPS, IP67 RatedThe..
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Parsec PRO-H Husky Series Rugged Multi-Antenna with 4 x 4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WIFI, and GPSThe Hus..
Parsec PRO-K K9 Series 4 x 4 MIMO 5G LTE Antenna with Optional MIMO WIFI and GPS, IP67 RatedPars..
Parsec PRO-BD Bulldog Series Indoor Multi-Antenna with 4 x 4 MIMO 5G LTE and Wi-FiThe PRO-BD (Bu..
Parsec PRO-C Collie Series Outdoor Antenna with Choice of MIMO LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPSThe PRO-C..
Parsec PRO-R Rottweiler Series Low-Profile Multi-Antenna with 5G MIMO LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS, IP67 Rate..
Parsec PRO-S Rugged SISO Antenna with Choice of LTE, GPS and WIFI, IP67 RatedThe PRO-S Series&nb..
Parsec PRO-ST Chihuahua Series Compact Multi-Antenna with Choice of MIMO LTE, Wi-Fi and GPS, IP67 Ra..
Parsec PTAGD2L Great Dane High-Performance MIMO LTE Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna with Pole Mounti..
Parsec PTAWM2L Labrador Series 4G LTE MIMO Antenna with Wall or Pole Mounting, IP65 RatedThe Lab..
Parsec PTAWM2W Weimaraner Series Indoor or Outdoor High-Performance MIMO Wi-Fi AntennaThe PTAWM2..
Parsec PTA-LTE-Blade Single 4G LTE Dipole Antenna, Outdoor Rated with SMA ConnectorThe PTA-..
Parsec PTA-WIFI-Blade Industrial WIFI Antenna, 2.4 and 5 GHz FrequenciesThe PTA-WIFI-BLADE (part..
Parsec PTA-LTE-BLADE Industrial Broadband Blade Antenna for LoRA and SIGFOX DevicesThe PTA-LORA-..
Parsec PTAMM2L MIMO LTE Omnidirectional Antenna with Magnetic Mounting BaseThe PTAMM2L from Pars..
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Parsec PTAPADDLEW WIFI Omnidirectional  Dipole Antenna with SMA ConnectorThe PTAPADDLEW (fo..
Antaira ANT-OM-2409 Outdoor Rated 2.4 GHz Omnidirectional Antennas with 9dBi GainThe ANT-OM-2409..
Antaira Outdoor Rated 2.4 GHz Omnidirectional Antennas with 8dBi, 10dBi, 12dBi or 15dBi GainThe ..
Antaira ANT-OM-58xx Outdoor Rated 5 GHz Omnidirectional Antennas with 8dBi, 10dBi, 12dBi or 15dBi Ga..
Antaira ANT-PA-2414 Outdoor Rated 2.4 – 2.5 GHz Panel Antenna with 14 dBi GainThe ANT-PA-2414 fr..
Antaira ANT-PA-2419 Outdoor Rated 2.4 – 2.5 GHz Panel Antenna with 19 dBi GainThe ANT-PA-2419 fr..
Antaira ANT-PA-5814 Outdoor Rated 5.1 – 5.9 GHz Panel Antenna with 14 dBi GainThe economical ANT..
Antaira ANT-PA-5818 Outdoor Rated 5.1 – 5.9 GHz Panel Antenna with 18 dBi GainThe economical ANT..
Taoglas Colosseum MA850 5-in-1 Antenna with 2 LTE MIMO, 2 WIFI MIMO and optional GPSThe Col..
Taoglas Hercules WS.02 Heavy Duty 2.4 GHz Antenna with Permanent MountingThe Hercules WS.02..
Taoglas Olympian G30 Direct Mount Wideband Cellular LTE Antenna for InHand LTE RoutersThe G30 Ol..
ANTAIRA-DAT5-R Dipole Antenna with 5 dBi Gain with Righthand Threaded Female SMA ConnectorT..
The CB-NM-NM-C400-1M antenna cable has N-type Male to N-type Male connectors.  It is 1 meter in..
The CB-RSMAM-RSMAF-C200-1M is an RF cable with reverse SMA male to reverse SMA female connectors.&nb..
The CB-RSMAM-NM-C200-1M is an RF cable with reverse SMA female to N-type Male connectors.  It's..
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