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Ethernet Extenders & Multiplexers

Ethernet Extenders & Multiplexers

High-Speed, Long Range Ethernet Extender Devices

Ethernet is still the backbone of networking. Industrial communication is often varied and robust, but ultimately, every device needs to be able to connect via Ethernet. It is too pervasive to ignore. With industrial networks, that can present significant challenges. Networks are often too large for simple Ethernet to suffice. In those cases, Ethernet extenders can solve distance issues without forcing network engineers to overhaul their infrastructure. Antaira Technologies and Patton’s CopperLink families offer a great selection of Ethernet extenders. You can find the right devices to customize your network and make it work at long distances.

Copper Extenders

It is possible to extend Ethernet networks with copper lines dramatically. Copper range extenders are simple to deploy, easy to integrate and offer benefits such as power over Ethernet.


Consider the Antaira’s LEP-301M-KIT. It works as a signal booster that extends the range of copper lines. It supports PoE up to 30 watts — making extended network design more straightforward than ever. With extenders, Ethernet networks can run up to 1000 meters without suffering significant losses.

Fiber Extenders

For the largest projects, fiber extenders can add massive range and capability to Ethernet networks. Patton's TKIT-ETH is a great example. It’s a gigabit Ethernet over fiber extender pair, which allows fiber lines to integrate into Ethernet networks and massively boost range. This particular device supports single-mode fiber up to 20 km, allowing copper infrastructure to reach far beyond its physical limitations. Additionally, this extender supports speeds of 1.25 Gbps in bi-directional links. It adds considerable speed to its expansive range.

Industrial Range

Extending copper and fiber-optic lines is vital, but some projects push the limits. Many networks span miles, and doing so with copper is not easy. Moreover, networks that size are inevitably going to face harsh, often outdoor environments. To meet these conditions, you need an extender that tests the physical limits of Ethernet and has the ruggedness to perform in any environment. The CopperLink CL2300E from Patton Electronics can do this job. Its range is up to 5.1 miles over twisted-pair wires. It operates in temperatures between -40° and 85°C and is fully rated for industrial environments.

When you need options to extend the range of your networks, Westward Sales is here to help. In addition to our abundant supply of industrial Ethernet extenders, we have multiplexers, signal converters, and everything else you could need to build a powerful, fast, robust network that can extend as far as you need. More than just supplies, we have expert staff who can help you efficiently find the hardware you need to build the network you want. We’ll help you explore every option, and we’ll do so without wasting time and money that are better devoted elsewhere.

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