Cellular Boosters

Cellular Boosters

Smart LTE Cellular Boosters and Accessories

Cellular communication has become the backbone of communication across the globe. In every industry, remaining connected is vital to sustaining operations. You need voice and data, and you need it in locations that sometimes make reception difficult. In the face of such challenges, cellular boosters can reinforce communication. It’s viable in indoor and outdoor settings, providing signal infrastructure wherever it might be lacking.

When you browse the Cel-Fi lineup, you get access to boosters for any scenario. You also get access to the supporting equipment that makes them flexible and cost-effective.

Stationary Cellular Boosters

Cel-Fi caters to indoor cellular needs. Large office buildings and industrial workspaces often kill cellular signal on the inside. Communication still needs to get in and out, so the best solution is to use indoor boosters to fix the problem. Boosters offer a powerful means to improve signal quality and power. With the Cel-Fi line, any indoor space can have reliable cellular connections.


Mobile Cellular Boosters

Vehicles and first responders are particularly reliant on cellular communication, and when work takes the vehicle off roads or into remote areas, that becomes a significant challenge. In-vehicle range boosting is possible with Cel-Fi’s line of mobile boosters. Take the Cel-Fi GO smart LTE signal booster. It increases the gain by 70 dB and supports multiple carriers and switches carriers automatically to get the best reception. It takes cellular reliability and amplifies and automates every aspect of it. With this type of range boosting, remote fieldwork can remain connected.

Antennas and Accessories

While range boosters are essential, they need support equipment too. Expand your booster’s potential with the Cel-Fi Indoor Omni Antenna. It works with 4G LTE and provides omnidirectional communication. It can help boost your signal and optimize your equipment. 

Mounting accessories, interface accessories, and adapters are all part of the lineup to make sure your booster system performs exactly how you need it. Antenna mounts, pole mounts, pigtail adapters, and more are all available to help you adapt your equipment to the myriad challenges that can surprise even the best network designers and admins. The cellular compass lets you analyze your signal and optimize your booster layout to create robust coverage wherever you need it.

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Boosting cellular signals can be a tricky prospect, and it’s only one part of many when it comes to industrial networking. When you need quality equipment and expert knowledge, you can find all of it at Westward Sales. Contact our experts to explore your options and build the most reliable and affordable industrial network possible.

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