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5G LTE Cellular Routers

5G LTE Cellular Routers

A connection to the Internet has become an essential part of everyday life for most people. Between personal devices like cell phones and laptop computers, or complex Internet of Things (IoT) systems that run concurrently with another, having a reliable system of cellular routers is vital to the longevity and safety of your networking system. Here at Westward Sales, we understand the needs of our customers and are happy to work with you and your team to help find the exact cellular router to fit your specific connectivity and networking needs. We have a wide range of routers by the best and most respected brands and manufacturers on the market. Give our extensive list of cellular router offerings a look or just simply give us a call and we can work with you to help find the tools you need.

Wireless Cellular Routers

A wide range of organizations and companies rely on field workers and mobile workforces for their day-to-day operations. These employees need access to tools and information while in the field. Wireless cellular routers make it possible for these workers and technicians to get their jobs done. By making Internet access available in company vehicles, they can enjoy a secure, consistent connection while on the go or at temporary work sites. This is also helpful for management as they are able to better keep track of and manage the status of their employees and mobile assets.


At Westward Sales, we have a wide range of cellular routers, including great options for mobile units. Those working in public safety, such as police officers and emergency response units, need to stay constantly connected to their homebase, regardless of where the job might take them. Having a reliable mobile network ensures that first responders are always connected in and around their vehicle, keeping them more safe and responsive. Additionally, cellular routers are especially helpful for mobile workforces that require a secure connection. Mobile networks must have very strong security measures even when operating on public WiFi networks. A mobile router keeps your connection secure by employing the use of multi-zone firewalls, IDS/IPS, and Internet security.

Another part of working in the field means sometimes enduring sub-optimal conditions. Luckily, mobile routers are built rugged with this in mind. Some of our 4G and 5G-Ready LTE routers are housed in a ruggedized metal enclosure, keeping your equipment safe even in the face of unforeseen circumstances or hostile climates. Industrial cellular routers are built to withstand the demands of mobile deployment and can handle extreme temperature, dust, moisture, shock, and vibration.

Commercial and Industrial Networking Solutions

For commercial and industrial operations, cellular router systems become increasingly complex. We have a wide range of stationary routers with the capability of handling any sized operation, large or small. In large office buildings or retail spaces, networking systems rely on cellular routers to connect tens or even hundreds of different devices. Having access to uninterrupted WiFi is extremely important to ensure the continuity of business and to allow for transactions and sales to be supported. Similarly, in industrial organizations, many operating systems are unmanned and must run autonomously. It’s important for systems to be in place to detect problems if and when they arise - routers, gateways, and other networking systems work together to ensure systems stay operational.

Comprehensive Networking Solutions

Are you an IT technician responsible for managing more than just cellular routers? Here at Westward Sales, we are experienced IT professionals with decades of experience in the industry. We are here to help you find the very best way to manage your networks, big or small. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We want to equip you with the right tools and equipment to solve any technical problem and are here to offer insight into network design. Give us a call today for advice or for more information on our product offerings.

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