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Solar Power Kits

Solar Power Kits

Solar Power Systems for Remote and Off-Grid Locations

Video surveillance and data monitoring are typical functions of a remote system. Sensors and camera feeds are easy to implement in buildings and along with existing power grids. There are many locations; however, that lack a power source. Solar power is sometimes the only way to enable these systems successfully. When the remoteness of a station or a commitment to minimize fuel costs become issues, solar is the clear solution. It is the undeniable go-to for reducing human interaction and maintenance.

A solar kit supplies a continuous feed to your electronics and requires little upkeep and oversight. It consists of components necessary to power your load, and it’s configured for duration and location. Wide-temperature, long-life batteries offer uninterrupted up-time, and wireless modules connect the remote site to a central station or cloud platform. Sizing an off-grid power solution is a challenge; and, that’s why you need a professional integration team like Westward Sales. Our staff can help you specify a solar kit that offers reliable solar power-optimized for a given region and electronics load.


Solar Power System Components

No matter the application, autonomous solar stations are a smart option for locations lacking a connection to the power grid. A complete pre-wired solar kit sized to your payload includes all parts you need to get running quickly. The standard product line ranges from 65 to 650 watts of output capacity. However, most applications have loads under 25 watts and require a specific build. The phrase one-size-fits-all does not apply. No matter the configuration or size, nearly all kits ship in one to two weeks or less. That’s good news. Our solar kits are packaged for easy assembly and installation once they arrive at the site. A kit may contain over 40 parts, but the main components are:

  • Solar panel array
  • Charge controller
  • Batteries rated for long life and wide temperature range
  • Outdoor rated enclosure for mounting and protecting the electronics
  • Wireless monitoring of battery and system status (optional)
  • Wiring, surge suppression, terminal blocks, and DIN rails
  • Mounting brackets and fasteners
  • Wi-Fi, cellular modems, or other radio technology with antennas

Sizing an Autonomous Solar Kit

A professional design that integrates reliable communications with long-term solar functionality is essential to making autonomy possible. That is our specialty. Simply fill our requirements form or contact us directly at 720.870.4500, x1. We’ll immediately start optimizing an off-grid solution that not only powers but automates your site.

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