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Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) Routers

Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) Routers

Trusted for Over 25 Years

Whether for stationary or mobile use, Semtech has become a proven leader in the connectivity industry. Known for reliability and uninterrupted operation, even in the face of sub-optimal conditions, Semtech routers are used and trusted everyday by networking professionals to keep their networks running effectively.

For over 25 years and counting, Semtech has been on the forefront of communication technology, designing devices that are deployed to facilitate communication needs across the world. Westward Sales offers a wide range of Semtech products, including: routers designed for mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated, interconnected devices and objects that are able to collect and exchange data over a wireless network without any human intervention.


The application possibilities of the IoT are truly endless. Semtech manufactures cellular routers designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. These routers are enabled for data-critical applications, such as: connecting security cameras, retail point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, and kiosks to the cellular network. They can also be deployed for industrial applications, given that it is installed in a fixed, protected location. 

Semtech for Mobile Applications

For public safety fleets, precise and secure networking is an absolute necessity. Semtech offers routers designed explicitly for data-intensive mobile deployment. These high performance cellular routers allow for data-hungry applications including streaming high-definition real-time video feeds, license plate recognition, and public WiFi for passengers. Not only are these routers effective, they also include a wide range of integrations including, but not limited to: long-range Gigabit Wi-Fi, Ethernet ports, and vehicle telemetry.

Network Management Solutions 

If you are managing a vast network of devices, it can be helpful to have extra support to monitor your routers. Semtech offers an extensive cloud base management platform to better remotely oversee your networks on a subscription basis. These packages include: technical support throughout the device’s life cycle, including assistance in deploying, monitoring, configuring, registering, and upgrading routers. Overall, these routers will greatly improve networking capabilities, no matter where mobile units are called to go. 

Comprehensive Advanced Networking Needs 

Interested in more connectivity solutions beyond Semtech routers? Westward Sales has a wide range of products designed to improve your networking capabilities. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, our networking expertise can be of invaluable assistance. Our representatives are all experts, and we are proud to offer real-time help to network administrators and engineers to find the best way to get a job done. We can help you find the perfect tool for every niche and offer insight into network design that can improve your whole outlook. It all starts with a simple phone call. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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Semtech AirLink LX40 Compact Cellular Router, Cat 4 or CAT M1/NB-IoT, 1 Ethernet PortThe Semtech..
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Semtech AirLink XR80 High-Performance Router for Fixed & Mobile Applications, Optional WiFiT..
Semtech AirLink XR90 5G High-Performance Router for Transit, Rail, First Responder FleetsPublic ..
Semtech AirLink LX60 Compact Cellular Router, Cat 4, 2 Ethernet PortsThe Semtech (Sierra Wireles..
Semtech AirLink MP70 High-Performance Cellular Router for Vehicles and FleetsThe Semtech (Sierra..
Semtech AirLink RV50X Industrial 4G Cellular Router, Cat 6 Speed with GPS (no WiFi)The Semtech (..
Semtech AirLink RV55 Industrial LTE-A Pro Router with Ultra-Low Power ConsumptionThe most r..
Semtech AirLink RX55 Rugged Cellular Router with LTE-A, Supports Band 71 and CBRSThe Semtech (Si..
Semtech 6001138 oMG-MG Mounting Bracket Adapter for the MG90 RouterThe 6001138 by Semt..
Semtech 2000579 AC to 12 VDC Power Supply for AirLink Cellular RoutersUse the 2000579 to power t..
Semtech 6000659 Wall and DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for the RV55 and RV60X LTE RoutersThe RV55 and RV..
Semtech 6001004 I/O Auxiliary Cable for the MP, LX, and XR Series RoutersThe Semtech (Sierra Wir..
Semtech 6001023 AC to 12 VDC Power Supply for AirLink MG90 Cellular RouterUse the 6001023 to pow..
Semtech 6001024 Mounting Bracket for the MG90 RouterThe MG90 router by Semtech  (Sierr..
Semtech 6001030/6001107 OBD-II Telemetry Scanner Kit for the MG90 Router, Right Angle or Y-Cable..
Semtech 6001031/6001032 J1939/1708 Telemetry Scanner Kit, 9-pin, Type I/II, 250K/500KThe 6001031..
Semtech 6001095 GPIO Breakout Cable for the MG90 RouterThe 6001095 I/O Cable is designed to..
Semtech 6001103 DC Power Cable Pigtail for the MG90, 10 ft.Use the 6001103 to power the MG9..
Semtech 6001140 oMG-MG Cable Antenna AdapterUse the 6001140 by Semtech (Sierra Wireles..
Semtech 6001192 J1939 Y-cable Connects the MP70, XR80/90, & LX60 to Vehicle Diagnostics..
Semtech 6001204 On-Board Vehicle Diagnostics (OBD-II) Y-Cable for MP70, XR80/90, LX60 RoutersThe..
Semtech 6001214 Wall and DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for the LX60 LTE RouterThe LX60 cellular router m..
Semtech 6001221 Wall and DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for the LX40 LTE RouterThe LX40 cellular router m..
Semtech (Sierra Wireless) 6001350 Mounting Bracket for the XR80 and XR90 RoutersThe XR80 and XR9..
Semtech 6001372 AC Adapter for the XR Series Routers , 24 VDCUse the 6001372 to power the X..
Semtech 6001406 DC Power Cable for the XR Series RoutersUse the 6001406 to power the XR Series r..
Semtech 6001409 RJ45 to Dual DB9 Serial Adapter for XR Series RoutersThe 6001409 is a data trans..
Semtech 6001410 RJ45 to Single DB9 Serial Adapter for XR Series RoutersThe 6001410 is a data tra..
Semtech 6001433 DIN Rail Mounting Bracket for the XR 80 and XR90 RoutersThe XR80 and XR90 5G rou..
Semtech 6001440 FAKRA Replacement Kit for the XR80 and XR90 RoutersThe 6001440 is a FA..
Semtech 6001456 Mounting Bracket Adapter for the XR80 and XR90 RoutersThe 6001456 ..
Semtech 6001465 DB9 Serial Y Cable for the MG90 RouterThe 6001465 ​I/O Cable is designed to..
Semtech 6001502 Spare DC Power Cable for the XR60 Ultra Compact RouterUse the 6001502 to po..
Semtech 6001503 AC Adapter for the XR60 Router , 24 VDCUse the 6001503 to power the XR60 Ro..
Semtech 6001529 DIN Rail Mounting Bracket for the XR60 RouterThe Semtech (Sierra Wireless) XR60 ..
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