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DIN-Rail Mount

DIN-Rail Mount

Industrial DIN-Rail Power Suppliers & Adapters

Individuals or teams working with a large number of electrical components are familiar with universal challenges such as limited space, a disorganized system, or expensive network solutions. DIN-Rail mounts are the most common answer to addressing these challenges that teams may experience while setting up electrical installations. DIN-Rail mounts are standardized rails used to mount various electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, terminal blocks, contactors, and more. 

Use DIN-Rail Mounted AC/DC Power Suppliers

While a DIN-Rail mount enables you to position different devices next to each other, these devices also need reliable power and may often need to be connected in parallel. You can achieve this by using DIN-Rail mounted AC/DC power suppliers, which provide a convenient way to power DC-operated devices such as sensors, solenoids, motors, etc. Reliability is key in most instances, but it is imperative for businesses and teams who count on their electrical installation to work smoothly. Antaira Technologies is ahead of the curve with its innovative industrial-grade AC/DC supplies and adapters that are perfect for a variety of industrial, automation, and process control applications


Cutting-Edge Technology Designed For Your Needs

Just like every business has different moving parts and needs, your electrical setup may require different types of power and output. With power conversion modules ranging from 15 to 480 watts and offering 12V, 24V or 48V outputs, our line of DIN-Rail mounted AC/DC power suppliers and adapters are designed to deliver the result you need. They are also designed for TS-35/7.5 or 15 DIN-Rails, making them easy to add or swap in conventional designs. Since reliability of power is a must, our range of DIN-Rail power supplies and adapters also offers substantial protection from shorts, current overloads, over voltages, and over temperatures. To make working with your equipment more efficient, these DIN-Rail mounted AC/DC power supplies also feature LED indicators for quick diagnostics. The air-convection cooled design means you don’t need to worry about installing cooling fans. The compact and lightweight DR-30 (0.60 lbs) and the DR-120 (1.47 lbs) are two popular DIN-Rail mounted power supplies that let you add specific power and protection as needed. They output 30 and 12-watts respectively and easily snap to standard DIN rails. 
This modular solution adds layers of affordable and dependable power adaptability to your network. Both DIN-Rail mount AC/DC supplies, with the rest of Antaira’s line, are backed by a 3-year warranty and are UL508 listed for industrial equipment locations.

Building Better Networks

A reliable, organized, and budget-friendly network solution can be the foundation for efficiency. At Westward Sales, our team of knowledgeable experts match the best possible tools with network designers’ needs. DIN-Rail mounted AC/DC power supplies are a necessary component of a robust industrial network, but there are several other tools that can boost your business. Speak to our team of experts today and we’ll help you find the tools you and your team may need to inject more power into your business operations




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Industrial DIN-Rail Power Supplies & Adapters